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> Hi all,
Hi Chanel,

> I have one user that has used RT for a while with no problems. Recently, her 
> attachments to web tickets ceased coming through. I’ve watched her add  
> attachments and they appear to upload successfully but there’s no trace of 
> them in the Attachments table. We tried multiple browsers and the same thing 
> happened on each. I logged in as her on my computer and still the problem 
> happened. Another person logged in to RT on her computer and successfully 
> attached items. So it’s something to do with her account. I’ve taken a look 
> at her user record in the db and I don’t see anything amiss.
> Any ideas on what I might try?
> We’re running RT 4.4 and use LDAP for authentication.

I would start by checking the rights for these two users and how they might be 

Can the faulty user see the missing attachment’s associated 
comment/correspondence? If the user cannot, that is why the attachment is 
missing. A user needs the ShowTicketComments right to see attachments added as 
part of a comment.

If this is not the problem, then I can investigate further.

> Thanks!
> chanel
Thank you,

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