Further experimentation has revealed that if the user sends an attachment by 
email it works (doesn’t via the web interface). Also, if I promote the user to 
the privileged level then she can add attachments via the web interface. I 
tried giving the unprivileged group all possible permissions but it had no 


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Subject: RE: [rt-users] Attachments don't reach database for one user

Yes, everything in the ticket shows up for the faulty user except for the 
attachment. The rights for this user and other basic users of the system are 
the same.


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Hi all,
Hi Chanel,

I have one user that has used RT for a while with no problems. Recently, her 
attachments to web tickets ceased coming through. I’ve watched her add  
attachments and they appear to upload successfully but there’s no trace of them 
in the Attachments table. We tried multiple browsers and the same thing 
happened on each. I logged in as her on my computer and still the problem 
happened. Another person logged in to RT on her computer and successfully 
attached items. So it’s something to do with her account. I’ve taken a look at 
her user record in the db and I don’t see anything amiss.

Any ideas on what I might try?

We’re running RT 4.4 and use LDAP for authentication.

I would start by checking the rights for these two users and how they might be 

Can the faulty user see the missing attachment’s associated 
comment/correspondence? If the user cannot, that is why the attachment is 
missing. A user needs the ShowTicketComments right to see attachments added as 
part of a comment.

If this is not the problem, then I can investigate further.

Thank you,
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