Thanks for the quick response.

I am basically seeking that the asset feature is worth the move to RT. As
much as I know about RT I think we (our department) can roll our own
automated scripts to get info and keep it updated.The one we use now can't
get warranty information and I am hoping I can get Dell to cooperate and
allow us to grab the warranty info directly using the service tag number.
Then we could update the fields when we do our initial loads. Right ow we
have not been using the system we have correctly as it is not easy. It is
School Dude and they just changed the way they gather asset info which made
their product unusable for us. They said we are two big. (17 High Schools
and Central Office)

On Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 1:50 PM, chrisis <> wrote:

> We use the Asset feature, having migrated to it from SYSAID.
> I assume your powershell script will be used to build a CSV of all your
> assets. You'll be able to import this CSV directly into Assets in RT. There
> is a plugin to make this super easy:
> CSV-2.1/lib/RT/Extension/Assets/Import/
> You will obviously need to do some planning and configuration up front to
> ensure your specific Asset database has the Custom Fields you need, and
> you'll want to configure your assets catalog lifecycle(s) just like you
> would have configured your RT queue lifecycles.
> The only tricky thing we are facing at the moment is adding an asset to a
> ticket. By default it is easy adding a ticket to an asset (basically: open
> the asset, click "Create Linked Ticket" from Actions) but there isn't a
> default set up for linking an asset to an existing ticket. Well, there is,
> but the searchable text entry requires you to know the asset number in
> order
> to add it, which isn't too useful. But imo this is a solveable problem,
> I'll
> post when I have figured it out.
> Other than that do you have any specific questions about Assets in RT?
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