Sadly I'm no longer using RT, however at my previous employer my team
was using to for IT Support, numerous software development project,
and asset management. I was using the Puppet configuration management
system and integrated it with Assets-Import-CSV to automate adding and
updating of computers as they were provisioned in the environment.
This allowed for further integration with RT::Extension::Nagios to
associate system issues with your assets, which provides a rich
history of issues for systems.

IMO it's a natural fit if you're already using RT for tracking issues
and helpdesk requests, it allows you to keep all that information in a
single repository.

On Tue, Nov 29, 2016 at 2:51 PM, john boris <> wrote:
> Good Day,
> My department is looking to replace our current Ticket/asset management
> system. I have been using RT on a small basis to handle my own Support
> requests and used the Asset Management add on (pre 4.4). Our current system
> used to have an agent that would populate the data set for us but lacked
> some of the info we needed. We were at the mercy of the company to add
> features.
> I am hoping we can roll our own Powershell script to gather the info we need
> and with some other tweaks we can roll our own.My question to the list is if
> anyone is using RT 4.4 with the Asset Management feature and would like to
> share their experience with it. I am putting together the proposal to use RT
> for this replacement. As a ticket system I think it is an easy sell but the
> Asset portion is my tough sell.
> Anyone who wants to reply can reply off list unless it you feel it is
> relevant to stay on the list. I will post what happens when completed
> (albeit that might not be for a month or so).
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> John J. Boris, Sr.
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