On 2016-09-20 12:54, Jonathan Bober wrote:
 From reading what you've sent, I guess that what you have in mind is
calling mmap with PROT_NONE and then calling mprotect() to change that
to read/write whenever growing the stack? That seems like it might be a
reasonable thing to do (though I'm only basing that on spending a few
minutes reading what you sent, not from any actual knowledge that I had

Yes, that is my idea.

I'm willing to devote some time (not today) to figuring out what the
right thing to do is (maybe the above is already the right thing) /
implementing this / reviewing this.

I don't mind implementing it. What I *do* mind is that I implement it and that the patch rots away on Sage Trac in needs_review state (highly specialized patches like these have a higher chance of that). That's why I asked for a commitment to review.

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