On 2016-09-19 14:04, Jonathan Bober wrote:
That doesn't really solve the problem, which I phrased poorly. The
machine has an (antiquated) setup where, when a process requests X bytes
of memory, the kernel reserves X bytes of physical memory for it.

Well, in that case you would indeed "lose" 1/4 of your physical memory using the defaults that Sage uses for the PARI virtual stack. If you are unwilling to change your OS settings, then you can still manually change the PARi stack size with

from sage.libs.pari.all import pari
pari.allocatemem(4*10^6, 4*10^6)

Anyway, where exactly is this allocation coming from? Is it a default
PARI setting, or does it come from the way that Sage uses PARI?

It is because of the way how Sage uses PARI.

I mean, to whom should I address my "hate mail"? :)

That would be me...


PS: The Sage <-> GAP interface has exactly the same problem, but with a smaller default memory allocation.

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