> Anyway, where exactly is this allocation coming from? Is it a default PARI
> setting, or does it come from the way that Sage uses PARI? (I mean, to whom
> should I address my "hate mail"? :)

I think it is a problem in the way that Sage uses PARI.  I just tried "sage
-sh" with sage-7.3, then ran gp from the command line, and it uses very
little memory.    Please continue to send "hate mail"...

We should revert whatever trac ticket did this, or at least make it an
option to not allocate such a large address space. This huge vm allocation
is clearly an even worse hack dealing with PARI's very hackish "memory
Even back in 2005 when I was writing the original libpari hackish code, I
didn't seriously consider this "allocate huge vm" hack to deal with how
pari works, since that was even too hackish for me.  Making it the default
is surprising.

William (http://wstein.org)

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