Re: Numbering Chapter / Section / SubSection

2005-09-12 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Dirk Bromberg a écrit : Thanks, so i'll have a look at this... i'was thinking that there is something in the fo e.g for toc an so onlike in latex If it may help you see the correspondance: FO is more at the TeX level. See LaTeX as a kind of XSLT stylesheet that produces TeX. All

Re: TeX vs XSL-FO (was: maximum document size)

2006-03-21 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Now, now, Paul: TeX is wonderful. In fact, by preference, I use XSL only to generate files that can be processed by TeX. The design limitations in XSL-FO are incompatible with serious typography. Which do you think are those design limitations? I see only two: * no justify value for the

Re: Something like \hbox?

2006-05-31 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Andreas, Andreas Eckstein a écrit : Hi all! Consider a block-container, parent of several other block-container elements. Now what I want is a way to fill that parent container in horizontal order with child block-containers (in TeX I would use '\hbox' for this...). Is something like this

Re: PDF generation

2006-08-09 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Remo, you should really try to ask your questions on the docbook-apps [1] mailing list. Those are questions related to XSLT customization rather than transforming the resulting FO into PDF, and that list will be much more suited. You may also want to have a look at the documentation possibly

Re: PDF generation

2006-08-10 Thread Vincent Hennebert
2006/8/10, Remo Liechti: It's me again. Well, to pass parameters to the XLS works fine, now. For example I can define the paper size etc. In the FAQ on nces is written in chapter 3.2: If you don't want to have this blank

Re: PDF generation

2006-08-10 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Message- From: Vincent Hennebert [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Donnerstag, 10. August 2006 11:51 To: Subject: Re: PDF generation 2006/8/10, Remo Liechti: It's me again. Well, to pass parameters to the XLS works fine, now. For example I can define the paper

Re: PDF generation

2006-08-10 Thread Vincent Hennebert
the remaining /fo:block closing tags are sticked together (so there is really nothing after the breaking fo:block), a new page is still created. Is this a known issue? Is it related to the whitespace handling problem?) Vincent Thanks, Remo -Original Message- From: Vincent Hennebert

Re: Incorrect extra page break [was: PDF generation]

2006-08-10 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Chris, Manuel, I think there really is a problem. In the attached fo there is not even a whitespace between the block and the end of the fo:flow, yet two pages are generated. Vincent 2006/8/10, Manuel Mall: On Thursday 10 August 2006 23:23, Chris Bowditch wrote: Vincent Hennebert wrote

Re: Incorrect extra page break [was: PDF generation]

2006-08-10 Thread Vincent Hennebert
(Modifying the subject for archiving purpose.) Hi Andreas, 2006/8/10, Andreas L Delmelle: On Aug 10, 2006, at 16:25, Vincent Hennebert wrote: Hi all, (Note for Fop-dev regarding the break-after problem: That said, I think there's a bug as a new page is created while there is nothing

[Poll] Expectations regarding side-floats

2006-08-11 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Dear Fop users, I'm currently thinking about the implementation of side-floats (fo:float float=start/end) into Fop. It turns out that there is a choice to make between several design decisions which imply different behaviors regarding the placement of floats on the page. To help me make a

Re: Drop cap first letter...

2006-09-06 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Luis, snip/ For now, if i dont specify in the list-item-body an indent, the content is overlaped as if the bullet A didn't existed. I'm not sure if this is the expected behavior from the spec... What i was supposing to happen would be that in the lines that where horizontally overlaped by

Re: Font names...

2006-09-20 Thread Vincent Hennebert
snip/ Mayhappen the reasons for changing the font names when working with full/partial embed fonts aren't relevant anymore... Would like to take the oportunity to suggest that a switch like -fullembed (or something like that) be used instead of the -ansi, as a clarification of what the

Re: Font names...

2006-09-21 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Karl, Karl Roberts a écrit : Hi Vincent, This issue will soon disappear. The current font library will be replaced with another one (FOrayFont), which handles that completely differently. Do you know how soon the FOrayFont stuff will be in the trunk? I'm Well, if everything goes

Re: Does current FOP Trunk support fo:float ?

2006-10-05 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Darya Said-Akbari a écrit : Hi, I am wondering whether the current developer version of FOP at supports fo:float or not. Not yet, but there is a partial implementation of fo:float float=before in the Temp_Floats branch [1], which

Re: FOP embed truetype font into postscript file

2006-10-05 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Nguyen, Thang a écrit : Seem that a lots of works ahead :-) and do you know anything about GhostScript , I just looked at it yesterday and I hope that I can find something useful. Ghostscript is a tool that can convert postscript or pdf files into image formats

Re: FOP embed truetype font into postscript file

2006-10-05 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Message- From: Vincent Hennebert [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, October 05, 2006 5:06 PM To: Subject: Re: FOP embed truetype font into postscript file Nguyen, Thang a écrit : Seem that a lots of works ahead :-) and do you know anything about

Re: Bug with region-body margins and page-seqeunces

2006-10-10 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Nicol, I'm finding some really strange behavior dealing with page-sequence-masters, page-sequences, and the margins of the region body in FOP 0.92beta. If you have a page-sequence master that has an initial page that is unique, then has a repeated page choice (even and odd pages), then

Re: Exception: Some content could not fit into a line/page with fop 0.92beta

2006-10-12 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Karsten Ohme a écrit : J.Pietschmann wrote: Karsten Ohme wrote: I get this error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Some content could not fit into a line/page ... The location is this: fo:block space-before.minimum=0.8em space-before.optimum=1em space-before.maximum=1.2em

Re: Exception: Some content could not fit into a line/page with fop 0.92beta

2006-10-12 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Karsten, snip/ The content does not fit on the page, it must be continued on the next page. I want, that the content is continued on the next page and no error is thrown. Why does it not work? It looks like you want to process pre-formatted text. Yes. I suspect there is a line too

Re: FOP Trunk - PFM fonts registering problem

2006-10-24 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, From a quick look at your files, the problem seems to come from the encoding of your font which isn't recognized by the PFMReader. I'm not sure there is any workaround at the moment. The good news is that there is ongoing work to improve the font system, so your problem might be fixed quite

Re: Margin Notes in fop 0.9

2006-10-26 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Short answer: no. Long answer: typically you would use a side-float for that (fo:float float=start|end), but side-floats aren't implemented yet. Some non-trivial changes of the layout engine are required to make them work. Unfortunately I don't think there is any workaround in the meanwhile.

Re: New page in a sequence

2006-10-30 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Carles, We are working in a project using fop for almost 6 months and now is near to be finished. Maybe it's a silly question, but i'm wondering if there is a way to know when the fop create a new page (in the same sequence). Because some content with the attribute space-before makes a

Re: Problems integrating fonts type1

2006-11-15 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Sabine, (A small complement to Pascal's answers:) snip/ 2. After generating the Bodoni xml file. I edited the fop.xconf as follow: renderer mime=application/pdf .. font metrics-url=file:D:/workspace/pdftech/config/bbi.xml kerning=yes

Re: javax.xml.transform.TransformerException error - DocBook XSL with FOP

2006-11-29 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Paul, Not sure if those attribute sets apply to the element that is causing the problem. Can you post a reduced example that is showing your problems? Not the source xml file, please, just the generated fo file. Vincent Thanks for taking the time to answer. I've created a small (139

Re: Font problems

2006-12-22 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Asbjørn Thorsen a écrit : Manuel Mall skrev: On Thursday 21 December 2006 23:34, Asbjørn Thorsen wrote: We have a XML document in UTF-8 encoding. It contains characters for the sami (lappish) language. When we generate postscript documents with FOP/XEP the resulting document is missing 3

Re: Em Space - UTF8

2007-01-07 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Oliver Müller a écrit : the problem only appears when it's the first element of a new line. I tried 2 different methods to get the effect and both fail with fop. fo:inline space-start=10pt/fo:inline fo:inline font-size=10pt#8195;/fo:inline Note that this works in Antenna House

Re: XSL FO newbie question - Hide overflow page content

2007-01-18 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Pascal Sancho a écrit : Hi, IMHO, if fo:page-sequence refers to fo:page-sequence-master with not enough page to render the content, then the pages are repeated (I have not found expected behaviour in REC XSL-FO 1.0 for such case). That's in section 6.4.7 fo:page-sequence-master of the 1.0

Re: Problem using custom fonts (0.93)

2007-01-19 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Daniel Noll a écrit : Manuel Mall wrote: On Friday 19 January 2007 14:08, Daniel Noll wrote: Hi all... Daniel, could you try and use a font name not including spaces, e.g. ArialUnicodeMS. I am suspicious that the font family name property parser may take 'Arial Unicode MS' as a

Re: The contents of row 1 are taller than they should be

2007-01-20 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi James, Still, please create a Bugzilla [1] entry for that and post your patch. That will let us: 1. not forget this issue 2. apply the patch if we like it. And if not, give you the reasons why so that you can improve it if you are willing to. After all, that's the best way to get this feature

Re: {VIRUS?} Upper Unicode characters supported?

2007-01-26 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Dominic, Dominic Marcotte a écrit : Hello, We need to use Unicode characters in the IPA range (U0250-U02A8). We use and embed Lucida Sans Unicode which contains these characters. We notice that higher character than U00FF display # in the generated PDF. On the other hand, lower

Re: Embedding font triplets w/ a single TTF file

2007-01-31 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Chris Bowditch a écrit : Jeff Vannest wrote: -Original Message- From: Manuel Mall [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday, January 29, 2007 8:01 PM To: Subject: Re: Embedding font triplets w/ a single TTF file FOP requires a font containing the

Re: Embedding font triplets w/ a single TTF file

2007-02-01 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Daniel, Are there even any fonts which both support a large subset of unicode and have bold and italic variants? I went searching a while back and found nothing. I doubt you will find any free font with both large Unicode support and several variants. You might want to give a try to

Re: display-align=justify

2007-02-02 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Luis, Luis Ferro a écrit : When doing the pagination of a large block of text, with columns, the text is if the keepers/orfan/widows are defined acordingly, passed to the next column leaving some space behind in the previous page. The visual effect of the full pages isn't great,

Re: Table header printing on next page - Seems to be room for last row

2007-02-07 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Tim, Sorry for the delay. Tim Keen a écrit : Hi all, Has anyone had a chance to have a look at this? Cheers Tim Original Message Subject: Table header printing on next page - Seems to be room for last row Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 10:23:35 +1000

Re: font defaulted to any

2007-02-09 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Pardha Paruchuri a écrit : Hi Everyone, we have some fonts(TimesNewRoman,CourierNew etc) that are not part of base-14 fonts supported by Adobe so when we run FOP 0.20.5 on windows 2000 server, it says unknown font, so defaulted to any. we did not really need to use the same font so we

Re: font defaulted to any

2007-02-09 Thread Vincent Hennebert
dont have permission to use 0.93 since it is not officially in production yet. Well, 0.93 no longer has any beta flag... HTH, Vincent Thanks Pardha */Vincent Hennebert [EMAIL PROTECTED]/* wrote: Pardha Paruchuri a écrit : Hi Everyone, we have some fonts

Re: Table troubles

2007-02-12 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Vincenzo, Vincenzo Mazzeo a écrit : Moreover I have some cells with the 'display-align' attribute set to 'after'. Because of I can't use the 'keep-together' attribute on rows, it happens that if a row is shared on two pages the 'display-align' doesn't work and the value appears on the

Re: Table troubles

2007-02-13 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Chris Bowditch a écrit : Andreas L Delmelle wrote: snip/ The Rec in all its glory! :) I wonder what this means for tables that don't have a block-container parent. Note that, since a block's b-p-d can't be specified, that leaves only block-container as a possible and reliable base

Re: html with FOP.

2007-02-15 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Andre, Andre Groeneveld a écrit : Hi All, Is it possible to create a PDF document with FOP if I have a HTML and no XML document? Have a look at CSSToXSLFO [1]. It can convert an XHTML document with CSS statements into FO, which you can then convert to PDF with FOP. If your source

Re: Footmnote-problem

2007-02-21 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Tom, [EMAIL PROTECTED] a écrit : On Wednesday 21 February 2007 10:43, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, yesterday, I changed to FOP 0.93 (before, I used 0.2x). And now I have some problems with footnotes ;-) Hhm, it seems that the problems always occurrs just in that situation: 1.)

Re: [SPAM] 0.93: Multi-page table Corrupted - Solution!

2007-02-21 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Pascal Sancho a écrit : -Message d'origine- De : Pascal Sancho Envoyé : mercredi 21 février 2007 13:17 Hi, I think there are 2 separate problems here. 1st: in docbook, keep-together should default to 'auto' in your case. 2nd, in FOP: - fo:table is truncated, that is the

Re: What is the level of standard support when compliance table says yes?

2007-02-26 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Abel Braaksma a écrit : Thanks for your quick response! Andreas L Delmelle wrote: The reason is twofold: - FOP 0.93 does not yet offer support for border-collapse=collapse (nor collapse-with-precedence) - with border-collapse=separate, borders only apply to fo:table or

Re: celle borders problem

2007-03-08 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Luca, Luca Stretti a écrit : mh .. sorry for my english .. in some cells, the corners of the border don't join perfectly. I think that this is due to a missing setting of some margin or something else. Indeed: (1) the cell containing Descrizione only has border-bottom specified; (2) the

Re: jEuclid-problem

2007-03-09 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Andreas L Delmelle a écrit : On Mar 8, 2007, at 22:02, Thomas Zastrow wrote: Hi Tom, Andreas L Delmelle schrieb: snip / Andreas, thank you for your help :-) You're welcome, of course. I'm not sure if I can help something, I have some Java-experience but don't want to mess up

Re: Page break

2007-03-09 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Andreas L Delmelle a écrit : On Mar 9, 2007, at 11:53, pedro wrote: Hi, I have a module with 4 column.The first column is a product descripion and the third is the price.Then when if the description is break on the new page the prrice is on the same line of the first product

Re: Small problem with Netbeans

2007-03-10 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Thomas, Thomas Zastrow a écrit : Hello all, following the instructions here: I tried to integrate FOP into Netbeans 5.5 The tutorial says that I have to add 3 sources to the project-properties: $FOP_HOME/src/java

Re: font-weight: bolder

2007-03-13 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Daniel, Daniel Noll a écrit : Hi all. Is there a particular reason why when I have a font-weight=bolder, it doesn't actually make the text any bolder? Perhaps because bolder isn't implemented yet... :-\ Vincent

Re: Table cell with fake margins?

2007-03-21 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Michael J. Mueller a écrit : Hello I am trying to draw borders around table cells and put some space between the borders. Due to the lacking of the margin property in table cells, I'm using a white border for the margin effect. I'm then setting the borders on the fo:block elements

Re: fop pagebreak problems / errors

2007-03-28 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Andreas L Delmelle a écrit : On Mar 27, 2007, at 17:25, Dirk Bromberg wrote: Hi Dirk, Considering the following: PS - On a different note: break-after crashes in the fo given in with an illegal state exception (this surely is a bug, isn't it?): Yep, this is definitely

Re: setting up environment

2007-04-02 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi John, John Saylor a écrit : hi i'm just trying to run fop on my linux box. i'm using fop-0.93 [from svn] and sun's jdk 1.6u1. i compiled it from source and i think it went well. i was trying to use /etc/fop.conf to set the base path so it would find what it needs to run and instead

Re: Wrapping Long Text Without Spaces

2007-04-06 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Jeff, Jeff Vannest a écrit : Just FYI: the other known workaround (which fits some scenarios better than inserting ZWSPs) would be to activate hyphenation, and use a ZWSP as hyphenation-character... In that case, FOP will This is new to me, so let me see if I understand: A ZWSP is

Re: Problem with custom fonts

2007-04-16 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Andreas L Delmelle a écrit : On Apr 14, 2007, at 20:55, Thomas Zastrow wrote: Andreas L Delmelle wrote: On Apr 14, 2007, at 17:41, Thomas Zastrow wrote: snip / The files LinLibertine.xml and LinLibertineU-Re-2.2.5.ttf are in the root-directory of the FOP (version 0.93). The base-tag

Re: Footnotes with shared bodies

2007-04-25 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Andrea, Andrea Aime a écrit : Hi, in one application I have the need to have multiple footnotes, all having the same inline element (say (1)) refer the same body in the page footer area. Basically, this is a catalogue, and footnotes are used to provide extra informations. Many articles

Re: Opentype fonts with FOP 0.93

2007-04-25 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Robert, Robert Sleator a écrit : Are OpenType fonts really supported under FOP 0.93 ? The press release ( says they are but the fonts page ( makes no mention of them and I haven't been able to

Re: fop 0.93 problem SEVERE:Exception

2007-05-04 Thread Vincent Hennebert
vendy Tjung a écrit : Hi Jeremias, you mean without Fop, i have try it, i got the same Error. localhost:/opt/fop-0.93 # ./fop -d -fo /home/user/fop/ -pdf /home/user/fop/fo_baru60/test.pdf 4. Mai 07 13:40:29 org.apache.fop.cli.Main startFOP SEVERE: Exception

Re: fop 0.93 problem SEVERE:Exception

2007-05-05 Thread Vincent Hennebert
vendy Tjung a écrit : yes, of course the fo file is as attachment... Ok, this is because you use FOP 0.20.5 extensions (fox:outline, fox:destination) which are not supported by FOP 0.93. fox:outline is replaced by the native fo:bookmark element from XSL-FO 1.1, fox:destination has not

Re: Flow area content is propagating into page footer--- Need Help!!

2007-05-09 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Harshini Madurapperuma a écrit : Hi; here with i have submitted the xsl and fo. There are a lot of validation errors with FOP 0.93, which makes me think you're using the ancient 0.20.5 version. Body overlapping the page footer is a known problem with this version. As it is no longer

Re: Font substitution

2007-05-30 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Jeremias Maerki a écrit : The fallback that is currently implemented in FOP only addresses the case where a whole font is not available. What you want is the fallback per character. And that's not implemented just by hacking the PDF renderer. So the ultimate goal is to implement:

Re: Font substitution

2007-05-31 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Daniel, Daniel Noll a écrit : On Wednesday 30 May 2007 16:55:36 Vincent Hennebert wrote: Or if you are sure that the Lucida font contains all the characters you need, you can directly specify this font for the whole FO document: fo:page-sequence font-family=Lucida... for each page

Re: interested in reading/contributing to books about fop?

2007-06-05 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Rizwan, Rizwan Virk a écrit : Hi everyone, As part of a new open-source initiative, I'm looking for both feedback on and contributors to a potential book about fop. The initiative is to produce either one or two books about certain open source software products; The goal is to do this

Re: First element must be the fo:root when upgrading to 0.93 from 0.20

2007-06-06 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Dabkoski, Derrill a écrit : I am attempting to upgrade to FOP 0.93 from 0.20. Unfortunately I am getting a ValidationException saying I need to put fo:root at the top. My first element is an xsl element, but the first fo: element is fo:root. This is exactly the same format as the

Re: Help with MathML/JEuclid

2007-06-06 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Deryl, Deryl Seale a écrit : Hello, everyone. Apologies in advance if this has been answered elsewhere, but I have not been able to find a solution to my issue. I am trying to render PDF content that contains embedded MathML, a sample of which is contained in the message below. I found

Re: AW: Overflow works in a strange way

2007-06-07 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Eric, Lewis, Eric a écrit : snip/ However, I still don't know whether it's a FOP bug that before, the text went down to the bottom of the page, ignoring margins and was partially lost. This behaviour is specified by the overflow property [1]. When not specified the default behaviour is

Re: keep-together always

2007-06-13 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Kamal Bhatt a écrit : Hi I noticed a feature of keep-together=always. Basically it does exactly that, even when it doesn't make sense. That is, it will overflow a block instead of breaking across a page. Now, I have looked at the standard, and it is fairly airy fairy about what

Re: keep-together always

2007-06-13 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Kamal Bhatt a écrit : After all this makes sense: we can imagine situations where the user prefers the content to be clipped rather than broken over two, e.g., pages. always allows for that. If the user simply wants the content to be broken only if it doesn't fit, they would choose an

Re: keep-together always

2007-06-13 Thread Vincent Hennebert
-after.optimum=12pt space-after.maximum=15pt). So as I wrote in my other answer, a block will be clipped only if it can't even fit on a page alone. Vincent -Original Message- From: Vincent Hennebert [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: 13 June 2007 08:52 To:

Re: fo:table border thickness

2007-07-09 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Andreas L Delmelle a écrit : On Jul 8, 2007, at 10:18, Andreas L Delmelle wrote: snip / Now that I've been playing with it a bit, there seem to be some other issues with the new feature as well... :( Correction: After re-reading the Recommendation, these seem to be non-issues. I

Re: why 'blank' page is not 'last' page with force-page-count=odd

2007-07-10 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Guillaume, guillaume levrero a écrit : Hi Chris, I tried the FO again with the latest foptrunk (554616), and I get the same output. Should I open a new bug entry ? Yes, please, I can reproduce the problem. Obviously there is still something wrong somewhere. Thanks, Vincent

Re: RTF-Output with FOP 0.93 looks terrible

2007-07-10 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, leeloo5e79-devel yahoo de a écrit : Hi Jeremias, you are correct: RTF is a terrible format. But seems to be the only way to get a modifiable document. There are also tools like which convert PDF to Word-Documents. But these tools also had the problem in correct converting PDF. In

Re: Left align glossterm instead of left justify

2007-07-11 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Joseph, caporale a écrit : Hello, I'm using this DocBook customization: xsl:template match=glossterm xsl:variable name=id xsl:call-template /xsl:variable fo:block text-align=left fo:inline id={$id}xsl:apply-templates//fo:inline /fo:block

Re: Lines breaking on '/' and '-'

2007-07-18 Thread Vincent Hennebert
J.Pietschmann a écrit : Brad Smith wrote: Fop currently seems to treat '/' and '-' as valid characters for adding linebreaks within a word. FOP uses the Unicode line breaking algorithm (at least as far as it can be easily implemented). And apparently

Re: FOP 0.93: table with 5 columns collapses to 1-column table when using RTF renderer

2007-07-20 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Gabriele, Sorry but the RTF renderer isn't really well maintained anymore. There are currently no developer who have an interest in it. Moreover RTF has always been a terrible format which tends to be replaced by other solutions. If you really need an RTF output that looks fine in OOo you may

[ANN] Apache XML Graphics Commons 1.2 Released

2007-07-21 Thread Vincent Hennebert
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA1 The Apache XML Graphics team is pleased to announce a new release of Apache XML Graphics Commons. Apache XML Graphics Commons is a library that consists of several reusable components used by Apache Batik [1] and Apache FOP [2]. Many of these

Re: Align external graphics with inline elements

2007-07-31 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Arne, Arne Hildebrand a écrit : Hi all, just a short question regarding the alignment of inline elements. I have an external graphic (SVG) in an inline element that i like to position to the middle of the preceding/following text. I played with aligment-adjust and alignment-baseline

Re: fo:table-row split over two pages

2007-08-02 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Nicolas, Nicolas Baumann a écrit : Hello, I'd like to avoid every fo:table-row splitting over two pages. I'm currently using fop 0.93 and I tried the option keep-with-next=always. It worked fine as long as the table could stay on one page. But when I try to put a table over several

Re: Nested tables - enclosing table height not being calculated properly?

2007-08-07 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Charlie, Can you please provide a small FO file reproducing the problem? Although very nice, your ascii-art figure makes it more difficult to figure out what’s wrong in the code ;-) Send the FO file as an attachment so that its formatting gets preserved. Thanks, Vincent Charlie Flowers a

Re: Repetition of pre formatted strings when wrap-otion=wrap

2007-08-07 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi David, I can’t reproduce your problem. Can you please send a complete (and small, if possible) FO file as attachment? Also, which OS are you using? Thanks, Vincent DavidJKelly a écrit : Has anyone seen this problem? From the DITA-OT xsl:fo stylesheets, the attribute set for pre results

Re: text-align=justify issues

2007-09-13 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Kumar, Indeed there seems to be something going wrong, caused by the white-space-treatment property. Your change seems to fix part of the problem, although I’d have to study it into more details. Sorry, right now I have no time for that. If someone else wants to take the lead... Properties

Re: Full-page table, %-height rows, and block-progression-dimension

2007-09-21 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Chris, Chris Bowditch a écrit : Vincent Hennebert wrote: Hi Vincent, Just a few notes about heights in tables as I worked on this a few months ago. The XSL-FO Recommendation refers to CSS2 [1] for a description of how heights in tables should be handled. And CSS2 explicitely does

Re: 0.93/0.94 and tables

2007-09-24 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Steve, Steve Ebersole a écrit : I have some DocBook sources I have been rendering via fop-0.20.5. On attempts to upgrade to either 0.93 or 0.94, Very good idea! ;-) however, some of my tables render goofy. In particular, two phenomena I have noted: 1) Tables that span a page

Re: FOP 9.04 change loglevel

2007-10-01 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Thomas Margreiter a écrit : Adrian Cumiskey adrian.cumiskey at writes: If you are executing FOP from the fop.bat/fop shell script you can change the value of LOG_LEVEL variable towards the bottom of the file. Otherwise set the system property

Re: Null Pointer Exception with Footnotes

2007-10-03 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Pascal Sancho a écrit : Hi, After some further tests, this NPE is caused by a fo:footnote within a fo:block-container in absolute position and/or with a specified height. 1/ You should fill in a bug for that. 2/ why do you need a footnote in a fo:block-container in absolute

Re: Page-breaking behavior changed between 0.93 and 0.94?

2007-10-16 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Jeremias Maerki a écrit : Caveat: this will be a little technical! It looks like a change after 0.93 does indeed make a special rule behave differently now. This rule ensures that table-rows are more unlikely to be broken before every table-cell in the row has contributed content (see

Re: Weird rendering problem

2007-10-23 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Jeremias Maerki wrote: You need to pay attention to FOP's log output. Basically, it's a side-effect from an overflow condition which is currently not handled in the best possible way. If you make the region-before large enough (or the image small enough) so there's no overflow, everything

Re: Using fo:block-container and tables together to format a PDF

2007-10-26 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Joseph, caporale wrote: I'm trying to convert an HTML newsletter to PDF format. The HTML newsletter's format is something like this: table border=0 trtd colspan=2lt;img src=headerimage.png/gt;/td/tr trtd bgcolor=#696969Side column text here/tdtdNewsletter body text here/td/tr

Re: hyphernation problem

2007-10-26 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Kumar, Puppala, Kumar (LNG-CON) wrote: I had a similar problem. The below mentioned approach cannot be applied in the testcase attached ( since the overflow occurs even for regular English words. This used to work in fop 0.20.5 (oldFop.pdf). Any ideas how I can get past this

Re: FOP at ApacheCon EU 2008 in Amsterdam - What do you want to hear?

2007-10-30 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Dear FOP Users, I submitted two proposals of talks about FOP for the ApacheCon EU 2008: - one about the project’s status (“Towards Apache FOP 1.0: What’s up Doc?”); - one about FOP combined with DocBook (“Printed Documentation With Open-Source Tools: DocBook and Apache FOP”). If you are

Re: Issue with Table spanning multiple pages

2007-11-01 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Kumar, Puppala, Kumar (LNG-CON) wrote: I tested the same file against fop 0.93 version and it works fine. Just an FYI if someone can relate this behavior to the fixes added for 0.94. snip/ I am running into an issue with an fo:table that spans 2 pages. Instead of starting

Re: hyphenation problem

2007-11-02 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Kumar, Sorry for the delay, looks like I ended up forgetting this thread. Puppala, Kumar (LNG-CON) wrote: Hi Vicent, I am not sure if I understand you. If you look at newFop.pdf(from previous mail), the 14th line in the table cell ( 'sion scheme') has the overflow. It looks like the

Re: Default font FOP and Adobe

2007-11-08 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Some nitpick from a typography amateur :-) Jeremias Maerki wrote: I'm going to add this missing piece to our documentation right now. BTW, any is not mapped to Times New Roman, but to Times Roman. I don't know if there's a difference between the two. Probably not, nowadays, There is.

Re: XSL-FO causing Fop 0.94 to go into an infinite Loop (Urgent)

2007-11-15 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi, Ankur Narain Bhardwaj ,Gurgaon wrote: Hi Attached here is an XSL-FO that causes the FOP 0.94 to go into an infinite loop. This is causing serious problems in our application. I narrowed down the problem to an fo:block /fo:block element placed within the footnote. This block

Re: Problem generating PDF with FOP 0.20.5 and Latin Modern fonts

2007-11-26 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Hi Daniel, Daniel Rosenberg wrote: Yes, but isn't this characteristics of 'differently sized' fonts there to optimize readability and aesthetics of a font when typesetted in different sizes? You’re right. Those numbers are indeed sizes and correspond to an optimal point size at which the

Re: Problem generating PDF with FOP 0.20.5 and Latin Modern fonts

2007-11-27 Thread Vincent Hennebert
Daniel Rosenberg wrote: Ok, so I can have only one entry for each unique font triplet? Is this due to a shortcoming in FOP, or due to limitations in PDF? It’s a shortcoming of FOP I’m afraid. Ideally, each time the font size changes it should check if there is a font from the same family

Re: Table splitting

2007-12-17 Thread Vincent Hennebert
if it's far before the bottom margin... Is it possible (and how can i make it) ? (We use FOP 0.20.5 (due to Debian stable...)) Thank you, Sylvain -- Vincent HennebertAnyware Technologies Apache

Re: Blank half-cell on page1; text showing on page 2

2007-12-17 Thread Vincent Hennebert
consider such a break. Thoughts? Vincent -- Vincent HennebertAnyware Technologies Apache FOP Committer FOP Development/Consulting

Re: Blank half-cell on page1; text showing on page 2

2007-12-19 Thread Vincent Hennebert
for convenience (the earlier command I gave) (2)-(3) is performed by FOP. Vincent -- Vincent HennebertAnyware Technologies Apache FOP Committer FOP Development/Consulting

Re: Blank half-cell on page1; text showing on page 2

2008-01-02 Thread Vincent Hennebert And yes the XSL-FO file will be created in the same ~/svn/2.0/target/ directory. If you’re really lost you may post your build.xml file (or rather send it directly to me) so that I can have a look. HTH, Vincent -- Vincent HennebertAnyware Technologies

Re: IndexOutOfBoundsException when creating pdf

2008-01-02 Thread Vincent Hennebert
that helps somehow to find the error. thank you for your help Bjoern -- Vincent HennebertAnyware Technologies Apache FOP Committer FOP Development/Consulting

Re: Blank half-cell on page1; text showing on page 2

2008-01-03 Thread Vincent Hennebert
/ -- Vincent HennebertAnyware Technologies Apache FOP Committer FOP Development/Consulting - To unsubscribe, e

Re: Noisy output when formatting DocBook despite -q

2008-01-07 Thread Vincent Hennebert
it. You may want to determine how those heights are introduced (probably the default stylesheets, but it’s a bit surprising), and remove them. That said, appart from the annoying warning, the output will be fine. HTH, Vincent -- Vincent HennebertAnyware

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