[Goanet] Section 148, 153, 324, 325, 332, 333, 427, for Atanasio and Jennifer Monserrate and their cohorts

2010-01-25 Thread roger dsouza
The wheels of justice grind slowly but in Goa sometimes they seem to take forever given the far reaching clout of our ministers, MLAS, politicians and their cohorts - the most corrupt, hedonistic loving and vile bunch that are a disgrace to us Goans with all the wheeling and dealing and corruption

[Goanet] Goan villages under attack – Thoughts on India's 60th Republic Day

2010-01-26 Thread roger dsouza
Goan villages under attack – Thoughts on India's 60th Republic Day As we celebrate the 60th Republic Day of India, all villages in Goa need to be on a heightened alert against the enemy within Goa that is seeking to destroy Goa. Yes our Goan villages are under attack by a very dangerous enemy


2010-01-26 Thread roger dsouza
On the celebration of the diamond jubilee of the Election Commission, the nation saw a rare convergence among political parties over checking criminalisation of politics with Congress chief Sonia Gandhi calling for a consensus on barring candidates with criminal backgrounds. If this were to go

[Goanet] Protect Goa's identity

2010-02-07 Thread roger dsouza
Kudos to the Goan village groups that are standing up to the tyranny of the Panchayat members and their God Fathers, our so called elected politicians who are supposed to be the peoples representatives but are working overtime to protect the interests of the builders, real-estate developers

[Goanet] Cansaulim be alert - All Goa on heightened alert

2010-02-08 Thread roger dsouza
On the eve of the 60th Republic Day of India, to mark the adoption of the Constitution of India and the transition of India from a British Dominion to a Republic on January 26, 1950, all villages in Goa need to be on a heightened alert against the enemy within Goa that is seeking to destroy Goa.

[Goanet] Experts, locals seek special ecological status for Goa

2010-02-08 Thread roger dsouza
There is an urgent need for Goa to be granted special ecological status before it’s too late. The destruction of our coastal Goan villages continues unabated. Do our traitors masquerading as our MLAs even care as long as they can make their big bucks? Do they even understand terms like ecology,


2010-02-18 Thread roger dsouza
--- *** Follow Goanet on Twitter *** http://twitter.com/goanet --- Kudos to Advocate Thalmann Pereira

[Goanet] Top cop's son in Goa fights over girl, hits senior

2010-02-19 Thread roger dsouza
--- *** Follow Goanet on Twitter *** http://twitter.com/goanet --- This keeps happening on a regular

[Goanet] Carmona villagers against issuing final NOC to Raheja’s

2010-06-23 Thread roger dsouza
While all over in Goa, Town and Country Planning conveniently permits real estate projects to break all the rules even without a proper 10 metres access road, there is a convenient nexus working together in connivance with the Panchayats and our Goan Ministers to protect their kick-backs and

[Goanet] Paradise lost, in just 50 years of independence

2010-06-25 Thread roger dsouza
I saw this article in today’s Times of India which captures the immense grief, pain, sadness and the desolate sense of helplessness that we Goans feel as we see the unimaginable damage that is being caused to our beautiful land Goa. Leading this destruction of Goa are our own corrupt, greedy and

[Goanet] Project stays as Cansaulim VP refuses to stop work!

2010-07-05 Thread roger dsouza
The Cansaulim villagers continue to be given the run-around by their Sarpanch Jose Manuel Fernandes and some of the Panch members including that notorious old-time shrew Martha Saldanha. She along with rowdies and the builder’s hench-men have even sought to pressurise the poor villagers of

[Goanet] Builder Aboobakr Shaikh now targets Cansaulkars and Village Panchayat!

2010-07-06 Thread roger dsouza
Look at this shameless Builder Aboobakr Shaikh alias Babloo accusing the villagers of Cansaulim of lying and being malicious. Using the backing of that corrupt politician Mauvin Godinho and some of the Panchayat members he went about securing permissions from the TCP on the basis of various

[Goanet] Cansaulim mega-project

2010-07-08 Thread roger dsouza
The following letter on the Cansaulim mega-project (Gonsalves-Dias Gate Mega-Housing Project) is from Herald dated July 8th. This project has created quite an uproar in Cansaulim and all over Goa. To answer Nitin Kamat's question Aboobakr Shaikh alias Babloo is a Kannadiga Muslim from Londa

[Goanet] Development has damaged Goa Environment: Ramesh

2010-07-12 Thread roger dsouza
Jairam Ramesh needs to be lauded for having taken up the issue of protecting Goa’s environment and forests and speaking out against those bent on destruction of our Environment. He has clearly hit the nail on the head when he points out that the so-called development work in Goa has caused the


2010-07-13 Thread roger dsouza
Aires, You hit the nail on the head. All these Commissioners postings and Chairmanship awarded to their Chamchas is a waste of the tax-payers money. Instead the Goa Government needs to heed the voice of the people and fulfill the legitimate wishes and mandate for the betterment of Goa and Goans!

[Goanet] Discontent over panel chosen to review TCP Act - another con-scheme in the making

2010-07-17 Thread roger dsouza
Clearly after consistently disregarding the wishes of the Goan People, Digu-Kaka and our corrupt Goa Government now finally have constituted the Committee to “review” the anachronistic and obsolete Goa TCP Act, 1974 which is 34 years old and a bane for all the rot that it permits to the detriment

[Goanet] Cortalim MLA Mauvin Godinho demands one lakh square metres of land to treat garbage from 6 villages!

2010-07-19 Thread roger dsouza
In a very interesting article in yesterday’s Herald we see Cortalim MLA and Deputy Speaker, Mauvin Godinho requesting Chief Minister Digambar Kamat to make available land admeasuring one lakh square meters to the six village panchayats in his constituency to set up a garbage treatment plant. He

[Goanet] Opposition tears into Govt over jobs going to non-Goans, price rise - latest from Target Goa

2010-07-19 Thread roger dsouza
This is the latest from Target Goa on the first day of the Assembly's proceedings. Opposition tears into Govt over jobs going to non-Goans, price rise 2010-07-19 The Opposition armed with questions and the self-righteousness of having spent sleepless nights collecting corroborative and damning

[Goanet] Goa Government arrests retired Goan teachers to still their voices!

2010-07-19 Thread roger dsouza
More Goans should voice their opinions and speak out against the high-handedness of the Goa Government. This is how they treat our retired old teachers. The Goa Government is one of the most corrupt, devious and anti-Goan that one could ever imagine! After selling Goa for a song they now want to

[Goanet] 1, 423 Committees appointd by the Goa Government in less than 3 years

2010-07-19 Thread roger dsouza
In a very interesting observation on the opening day of the Monsoon Session of the Goa Assembly, the Opposition pointed out that the state government has appointed 1,423 committees of which nearly half precisely 774 have not met. Interestingly the Goa government is forming committees at an average

[Goanet] Goa politicians waste tax-payers money on AC toilets and pensions for 40 year olds!

2010-07-21 Thread roger dsouza
It’s shocking to see what our Goa Government is using the hard-earned tax payers money for! AC public Toilets and pensions for motor-cycle pilots from 40 to 60 years? Where in the world can one enjoy a pension when you are 40? No wonder all the riff-raffs and trash from all over are making a

[Goanet] Church indicts Goa government for shielding drug traders

2010-07-22 Thread roger dsouza
* The Goa Government and our politicians along with the Government machinery continue to protect, promulgate and promote the vested interests of criminals, goons and all sorts of anti-social activity. The police-politician-drug nexus is fully entrenched within Goa and our politicians do not

[Goanet] Reworking the script - Dr Oscar Rebello (Herald)

2010-07-23 Thread roger dsouza
*This makes for some interesting comments. The hour of the need is to throw away the corrupt and the trash. Anyone listening and willing to do this for Goa? Please read Dr. Oscar Rebello's article in the Herald. * ** *

[Goanet] US, UK citizens staying illegally pose threat too

2010-07-26 Thread roger dsouza
Considering that Goa has it’s own share of these foreigners staying back illegally, buying properties, running businesses, indulging in crimes and keeping even our politicians and police on their pay-roll what is our Goa Government and police doing to send them back? Perhaps we could start with

[Goanet] Each one of us can be a real hero for Goa

2010-07-26 Thread roger dsouza
Truly as we can see Goans are day in and day out being subjected to all sorts of injustices, violences and evils – the irony is that this is being inflected on us Goans by our own Goa Government, politicians and Government machinery working in tandem with destructive forces. The common man in

[Goanet] Say no to amendment of Section 17A of G oa’s TCP Act!

2010-07-27 Thread roger dsouza
Say no to amendment of Section 17A of Goa’s TCP Act! There is now a clear agenda on the part of the Goa Government to clear a controversial new Bill to amend the Goa Town and Country Planning Act in the current session of the Goa Legislative Assembly. This new Bill seeks to throw open hill

[Goanet] Are Goans against Development? by Aravind Bhatikar (former IAS Officer and Chairman of the Mormugoa Port Trust)

2010-07-28 Thread roger dsouza
*Please read the Article by Mr Aravind Bhatikar in the Herald on whether the Goans are against development. **The writer is a former IAS officer, and former Chairman of the Mormugao Port Trust.** * ***Recently we have seen how our Goan politicians accuse Goans for opposing their grandiose plans

[Goanet] Fwd: Warped Development: GBA and Cansaulim Village Meeting Friday July 30th at 6:00pm

2010-07-29 Thread roger dsouza
Please post and forward to all concerned Goans! See you all at the Cansaulim Panchayat Hall at 6:30pm on Friday July 30th! *Goa Bachao Abhiyan* * * 77, Defence Colony, Alto Porvorim-Goa E-mail: goabachaoabhi...@gmail.com url: www.savegoa.com ): 9767701245 The Goa Bachao Abhiyan and

Re: [Goanet] Cansaulim GBA meet - Report

2010-08-01 Thread roger dsouza
Thank you Floriano Bab and Dr Dumo for attending last night's meeting and sharing your observations and thoughts for all. I can imagine it must have been quite late by the time you got home and yet you shared this with all. Likewise to everyone else who attended - you stood up to be counted

[Goanet] HC tells VPs not to issue fresh licences for construction

2010-08-14 Thread roger dsouza
Newspaper reports indicate that the High Court of Bombay at Goa has told the Village Panchayats not to issue fresh licences for construction licences until they comply with the earlier court directions regarding garbage disposal. Would the Village Panchayats comply with the directions of the

[Goanet] Protect and Preserve Our Land - Matanhy Saldanha in Herald

2010-08-17 Thread roger dsouza
It is obvious to all the modus operandi of the Goa Government and how either by acquiring vast tracts of lands or giving away what is not theirs they have forever sought to change the landscape of Goa, with their vested interests playing up to destroy Goa. Of course they very smartly use this term

[Goanet] Aviation rules changed by Ibrahim to upset Tata plan - Economic Times by Nageshwar Patnaik(Nov 18)

2010-11-17 Thread roger dsouza
--- http://www.GOANET.org --- A new book club focused entirely on writing about Goa First meeting: November 18, 2010 @

[Goanet] 1 held for highlighting `garbage menace' issue

2010-08-24 Thread roger dsouza
Hats off to Anthony D’Silva and the other activists for highlighting their concerns over all the issues that are affecting Goa and Goans this Independence Day . For speaking out on our behalf against the garbage menace the police chose to arrest Anthony D’Silva which is down-right shocking! They

[Goanet] Attacks on Gram Sabhas and Goan villagers

2010-08-31 Thread roger dsouza
Whether it's Carmona or Cansaulim, the attacks on the Gram Sabhas or other villages in Goa is just shocking as it's an attack on demcratic traditions. Everywhere the underlying connections between the politician-builder-Government Machinery nexus is evident to all. The voices of the villagers

[Goanet] How an illegal hotel built on sand dunes nearly escaped High Court demolition orders, by CLAUDE ALVARES

2010-09-07 Thread roger dsouza
*In his well documented article and by providing detailed evidence of the sequence of events, Claude Alvares of Goa Foundation has detailed how a former Sarpanch of Colva Snowkon Gonsalves sought to pervert the flow of justice, in a direct misuse of power and how his illegal hotel built on the


2010-09-09 Thread roger dsouza

[Goanet] I-T dept searches premises of major real estate developers

2010-09-10 Thread roger dsouza
I-T dept searches premises of major real estate developersPTI, Sep 10, 2010, 01.05pm IST http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/search?q=amrapali NEW DELHI: In a major crackdown, the Income Tax department is conducting nationwide searches on more than 70 premises of major real estate

[Goanet] Goa - Small State; Big Corruption By Aravind Bhatikar

2010-09-13 Thread roger dsouza
*Goa - Small State; Big Corruption* ** *Corruption in Goa is firmly inbuilt into our democratic structure, says ARAVIND BHATIKAR* Transparency International has ranked most countries of the world in its Perceived Corruption Index (PCI). The least corrupt is ranked the highest, and the most

[Goanet] Almost decade later, building rules notified for Goa- By Paul Fernandes TOI

2010-09-13 Thread roger dsouza
Almost decade later, building rules notified Paul Fernandes, TNN, Sep 14, 2010, 03.39am IST PANAJI: Group housing units and multi-storied buildings will face stringent action in future if they misuse parking space for commercial and other purposes. After nearly a decade, the government

[Goanet] The endemic corruption in Goa - shall we start doing something about it?

2010-09-15 Thread roger dsouza
--- http://www.GOANET.org --- Goanet joins Noel Rebello to raise money for Daddy's Home (Margao, Goa) Sponsor Noel

[Goanet] Centre's notification of draft CRZ regulations evokes mixed response in Goa -Times of India

2010-09-16 Thread roger dsouza
--- http://www.GOANET.org --- Goanet joins Noel Rebello to raise money for Daddy's Home (Margao, Goa) Sponsor Noel

[Goanet] We want a Government in Goa that Governs!

2010-09-29 Thread roger dsouza
We want a Government in Goa that Governs! The time has come for every Goan to voice their opinion in a strong and clear voice and intensify the struggle to hold the Government of Goa accountable. RP2021 is no where in sight and it serves the Government of Goa to keep us hanging in limbo all these

[Goanet] Church in Goa sends a strong message on protecting the Goan Environment, Ecology and our Goan Way of Life

2010-10-04 Thread roger dsouza
The Church in Goa through Caritas-Goa and Council for Social Justice and Peace (CSJP) has voiced it’s strong opposition at the wanton destruction of Goa’s Environment and Ecology. The Church needs to be commended for voicing its’ support in protecting the Environment particularly in light of the

[Goanet] Goa Monuments in grave danger with new Act - Interview with Prajal Sakhardande (Target Goa)

2010-10-08 Thread roger dsouza
Goa Monuments in grave danger with new Act *Prajal Sakhardande is worried that the amended Monuments Act gifts Goa’s monuments to any developer to re-erect or re-construct and no one can approach the courts to stop this robbery of our heritage* *What are the amendments that have shocked heritage

[Goanet] AMONTRONN (JIVIT rongit mhoinallem)

2010-10-08 Thread roger dsouza
Dear Joegoauk, Sure Joe this would be one tiatr Jivit not to be missed! See the cast - CM, Deputy Speaker, Churchill Alemao all attending Aggie Alcacoas production! Maaybe you should write your own tiatr about these Chief Guests. *Yezman: **AGNELO ALCASOAS *(Queeny Productions

[Goanet] GBA rally on Oct 14 to protest delay in finalizing RP – TOI Report

2010-10-11 Thread roger dsouza
GBA rally on Oct 14 to protest delay in finalizing RP – TOI Report TNN, Oct 11, 2010, 04.25am IST PANAJI: Goa Bachao Abhiyan (GBA) and other groups will launch an agitation on October 14 to protest against the delay in finalizing the Regional Plan 2021 by September, as assured by the Goa

[Goanet] Bombay University's VC bans Such a Long Journey by Rohinton Mistry on pressure from Bharatiya Vidyarthi Sena (student wing of Shiv Sena)

2010-10-11 Thread roger dsouza
Could you pls help pass this mail to all endorsing this statement opposing Mumbai University's book ban due to pressure from Bharatiya Vidyarthi Sena (student wing of Shiv Sena). Dear friends, Please find included in this email a letter that has been drafted to oppose the manner in which the

[Goanet] Tourism and the Goan nemesis - By Anthony Simoes (Herald - 12th October)

2010-10-12 Thread roger dsouza
*Tourism and the Goan nemesis* Humanity in all forms will descend into Goa during the season, says *ANTHONY SIMOES* It is that time of the year again. The monsoons are receding rather reluctantly. The mosquito menace is a permanent feature of our lives. Thanks to the garbage and sewage lying

[Goanet] Azad Maidan to Altinho - Today's the day! October 14th!

2010-10-14 Thread roger dsouza
The Government of Goa has neither the will nor the resolve to implement the wishes of the Goan People. For four long years the Government of Goa has chosen to just bleat and grunt while intentionally allowing Goa to be destroyed. The Chief Minister along with the Government have a vested interest

[Goanet] CM you are a liar and a coward. Where is the plan? Goa Ko Bachao, Challis Choronko Phek Do (Media reports)

2010-10-14 Thread roger dsouza
GBA threatens stir if RP not notified in 15-days Published on: October 15, 2010 - 01:30 PANAJI: Goa Bachao Abhiyan on Thursday threatened to intensify its agitation if the state government failed to notify the Regional Plan 2021 within 15 days. GBA’s move to march to the Chief Minister, Mr

[Goanet] Rohinton Mistry's such a short journey in Mumbai academics - attacked by Aditya Thackeray

2010-10-15 Thread roger dsouza
Rohinton Mistry's such a short journey in Mumbai academics - by Mahesh Vijapurkar October 13, 2010 15:21 IST *Why did the city's decision-makers take a book off the Mumbai University's curriculum without bothering to read it? Mahesh Vijapurkar wants answers and remedies*

[Goanet] GBA police eyeball to eyeball as Digu does vanishing trick -Target Goa

2010-10-18 Thread roger dsouza
GBA police eyeball to eyeball as Digu does vanishing trick -Target Goa 2010-10-14 Chief Minister Digambar Kamat did the vanishing trick that he seems to be getting better and better at. He had been scheduled to inaugurate the ITM-Goa, but did the bunk. The police were out in full force with

[Goanet] The farmhouse at Porvorim which runs Goa by Dr Joe D'Souza (Herald)_

2010-10-18 Thread roger dsouza
*The farmhouse at Porvorim which runs Goa* ** *We cannot elect donkeys and expect stallions says Dr Joe D’Souza* Charles Darwin in his essays on Evolution had asserted: In the process of evolution, the fittest survive and propagate. Thus, the natural process of selection and elimination

[Goanet] Govt to start Bimbvel land Vasco acquisition for Navy sans urgency clause

2010-10-19 Thread roger dsouza
It’s down-right shocking how the Government of Goa goes about acquiring huge tracts of land for Tom, Dick and Harry including it’s own Ministers and whoever and his dog that demands it. South Goa district Collector’s grandiose plan to acquire huge land admeasuring 1.15 lakh sq meters in Davorlim


2010-10-19 Thread roger dsouza
*LANDMARK RESOLUTIONS PASSED AT CANSAULIM GRAM SABHA* The very well attended Gram Sabha on 17th October 2010 held at the Panchayat Ghar Cansaulim amidst tight police security went off peacefully. It may be recalled that the Gram Sabha held on 22th August was adjourned due to unruly mob scenes

[Goanet] Kisan Swaraj Yatra in GOA: Action on 20 October at Margao Farm

2010-10-20 Thread roger dsouza
Fwding this message - Our famous organically grown Agasaim Brinjals are being genetically modified in Digu's backyard in Margao. :( What next? Roger -- Forwarded message -- From: Miguel Braganza Dears The Kisan Swaraj Yatra that began on Gandhi Jayanti in the land of his

[Goanet] Cansaulim and Velsao flooded!

2010-10-21 Thread roger dsouza
Cansaulim and Velsao flooded! What more can one expect thanks to unscrupulous builders enjoying the patronage of the MLA? Look at the construction that continues unabated on the hill slopes from Birla down to Velsao. Where will the water flow when there is no provisioning for drainage, sewage and

[Goanet] GBA threatens stir if RP 2021 not notified - Times of Inda

2010-10-24 Thread roger dsouza
GBA threatens stir if RP 2021 not notified TNN, Oct 25, 2010, 05.55am IST PANAJI: If the Regional Plan 2021 is not notified by the deadline of October 29, the Goa Bachao Abhiyan will launch its statewide agitation by October 31, GBA convenor Sabina Martin told TOI. Martins said the chief

[Goanet] CM, where’s RP? Ask ex-Task Force members - Today's Herald

2010-10-26 Thread roger dsouza
CM, where’s RP? Ask ex-Task Force members HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, OCT 26 Looking at the inordinate delay in finalising the Regional Plan 2021, earlier four members of the Task Force have expressed their disappointment and called the Government’s approach as lackadaisical in the matter causing

[Goanet] Goan villages up in arms against the Go vernment’s destruction of Goa - next stop CANSA ULIM November 9th

2010-11-07 Thread roger dsouza
Goan villages up in arms against the Government’s destruction of Goa After Benaulim, Chandor, Chicalim, Tivim tomorrow it’s Cansaulim November 9 th at 6:00pm. As is evident from the village meetings, the heat is on the MLAs and the Government of Goa. Village after village has clearly given an

[Goanet] Goan Groups oppose project on Vanxim is land – from Times of India

2010-11-07 Thread roger dsouza
TNN, Nov 8, 2010, 04.41am IST PANAJI: Vanxim villagers supported by NGOs, environmental activists and village groups reiterated their opposition to any tourism project on their island at a public rally on Sunday. Ilha de Vanxim Association convener Maggie Silveira explained the dubious role of

[Goanet] Blanket imposition of 80 FAR in Goan vi llages opposed - Today’s meeting Cansaulim (N avhind Times)

2010-11-08 Thread roger dsouza
Published on: November 9, 2010 - 00:37 Navhind Times MARGAO: Alleging that the government has not yet finalised or notified the panchayat status (VP3) based on which the floor area for construction is finalised, the GBA, in a statement on Monday, has questioned as to how the notified building

[Goanet] Open Letter to CM (published in Herald under OPinionatED on November 9th)

2010-11-09 Thread roger dsouza
Dear all, The following Open Letter that I sent to Chief Minister Digambar Kamat this Diwali Season on behalf of Anguished Goans was published under OPinionatED in Herald on November 9th. If you wish to write to him his e-mail address is cm@nic.in. Roger D'Souza

[Goanet] Villagers of Cansaulim press for notification of eco-sensitive zones and restriction of cosntruction to 50 Floor Area Report (FAR)

2010-11-10 Thread roger dsouza
Just as in the other villages of Benaulim, Tivim, Chicalim, Cansaulim it was the turn of the Villagers of Cansaulim who in their meeting on Tuesday November 9th pressed the Government of Goa to go ahead with the notification of eco-sensitive zones and restriction of constructions till finalisation

[Goanet] To Union Minister of State for Environment and Forests - Moratorium on Mining in Goa

2010-03-04 Thread roger dsouza
Attn: Union Minister of State for Environment and Forests, Mr. Jairam Ramesh March 4, 2010 Dear Honourable Minister, Re: Moratorium on Mining in Goa As a Goan and a concerned citizen of India, I would likely to gratefully acknowledge and thank you for your stellar decision and mandate in

[Goanet] CM has assured RP 2021 in next 6 months: GBA

2010-03-04 Thread roger dsouza
The following article is from today's Herald. More power to the Goan people as they stand up to protect Goa. CM has assured RP 2021 in next 6 months: GBA HERALD REPORTER PANJIM, MARCH 4 Goa Bachao Abhiyan Convenor Sabina Martins said Chief Minister Digambar Kamat had assured them the Regional

[Goanet] More power to the Goan People - Hold the Goa Government and officials accountable

2010-04-22 Thread roger dsouza
More power to the Goan People! The need of the hour is for all Goans to rally together and stand up and fight the injustice, destruction and corruption that we see in Goa today. Together as one voice we can put a stop to the destruction that is being wrought in Goa. Chairing a marathon meeting

[Goanet] Temporary relief to Tivim cricket Stadium Row being built on Goa's Forest Area

2010-04-22 Thread roger dsouza
It's shocking how nowadays in Goa every rule in the book is broken - thanks to the connivance of our greedy Goan politicians, corrupt Government officials including those from the Forest Department, Town and Country Planning Department and the various officials like Secretary town and country

[Goanet] Shocking nexus between MLAS, law enforcement authorities and criminals in Goa!

2010-04-27 Thread roger dsouza
This is just the tip of the ice-berg - the criminal nexus between politicians, Law Enforcement Authorities and criminals makes all law abiding Goan citizens hang their heads in shame, horror and disgust. The shocking state of affairs in Goa today leaves everyone taken aback most of all us Goans

[Goanet] Vasco-Dona Paula sea-link feasibility study begins : a whopping Rs. 8 crores!

2010-04-30 Thread roger dsouza
Of course the Vasco-Dona Paula sea-link feasibility study begins – here we go with yet another mega con-scheme on the part of teh Goan Government in the making! Look at the cost of doing this techno-feasibility study paid to the consultant – a whopping Rs. 8 crores! The Goa Government will then

[Goanet] Goans have to have to play a major role in what they see as long term progress for Goa:

2010-05-05 Thread roger dsouza
Dear Mr. Barreto, Thank you for sharing Ms. De's views on playing a major role in the long term progress for Goa. Given your position in the World Alliance of Goan Associations shouldn't you and the different Associations be more vocal in speaking out against the various Mining and Real Estate

[Goanet] SC scraps Mauvin Godinho’s power reba te - See how yet another con-scheme from Mauvin i s exposed

2010-05-06 Thread roger dsouza
SC scraps Mauvin Godinho’s power rebate All these corrupt Goan Ministers have all sorts of devious and get-rich/laugh-their way-to- their-Swiss Account Schemes and that's why they do what they do best ie. steal from wherever they can and the bigger the scheme the better the chicanery and the

[Goanet] Goa Government and Goa police attacking the common man and woman to further interests of real estate and mining lobbies

2010-05-18 Thread roger dsouza
It is shocking to see the treatment that the Goa Government and the Goan police meted out to common man and woman in Goa. Attached are some of tthe first hand reports posted from various sources. It is amazing how these representatives who are supposed to protect the people and listen to their

[Goanet] I am not dependent on your votes:CM Digambar's shocking insult to us Goans

2010-05-19 Thread roger dsouza
Look at the sheer arrogance and of the Goa CM and the MLAs that we have voted to power as our representatives! The shocking treatment meted out to the Goan village activists who stood up to voice their opinions is a clear indication of the Goa Government’s cavalier attitude and total disregard to

[Goanet] Goa...Going...Gone? Rechristening of Goa

2010-05-19 Thread roger dsouza
What do you think would be the new name for Goa? Any Guesses? Thanks to the patronage of our Goan politicians the Goan landscape is fast changing. Soon Goa as we know it will disappear (if it already hasn't) from Gated communities at one end to Fukat Nagars at the other. As for the Goans like

[Goanet] Famous last words I don't depend on your votes!

2010-05-20 Thread roger dsouza
Famous last words and now its Digambar’s turn “I don’t depend on your votes”. This will go down in the annals of Goan History and every child will learn about this and remember Digambar’s famous last words for all time to come! The Goan people have been taken for granted for too long! Digambar

[Goanet] Matanhy Saldanha Goa's hope for a better future is no more

2012-03-20 Thread roger dsouza
*It is with great sorrow and shock, that I share the very sad news that one of the greastest voice and hopes that we had for our beloved Goa Matanhy Saldanha is no more. He truly was a beloved son of Goa who worked hard to the end for Goa and Goans. * ** *May his wife and loved ones be comforted

[Goanet] Casinos…Jaidev Mody…Zia Mody…Vedantas…Mining (all in a vicious circle)

2012-03-29 Thread roger dsouza
Casinos…Jaidev Mody…Zia Mody…Vedantas…Mining (all in a vicious circle) To get an answer and connect the dots. Jaidev Mody is a renowned realtor and owner of famous Delta Corp Limited group. They had built the first big shopping mall-Crossroad- at Haji Ali in Mumbai. Delta Corp Limited (Delta

[Goanet] Does Goa really need the Mopa Airport?

2012-03-29 Thread roger dsouza
India Ministry of Civil Aviation: Steering Committee on Greenfield Airports 28-Mar-2012 Keeping in view the enormous growth in air passengers and to encourage infusion of greater investment in airport sector, the Government had pronounced a policy for Greenfield airports in April, 2008. As per

[Goanet] Consumer panel hikes compensation for woman from Air India

2012-05-28 Thread roger dsouza
May 28, 2012 PANAJI: The Goa state consumers disputes redressal commission has enhanced the compensation to a 79-year-old woman, who suffered a hipbone fracture after the wheelchair, on which she was being taken to board an Indian Airlines/Air India flight from Goa to Mumbai, broke and she fell

[Goanet] ‘ Mhozo Gaanv… Mhojem Goem’ in Goan villages

2012-06-22 Thread roger dsouza
*Dear Editor,* ** *This movie ‘ Mhozo Gaanv… Mhojem Goem’ is worth watching and a must see for all Goemkars. * ** *The following report is in today's Herald.* ** * * ** *‘ Mhozo Gaanv… Mhojem Goem’ in Goan

[Goanet] Mopa, a fraud on Goans By Jose Maria Miranda

2013-05-17 Thread roger dsouza
Mopa, a fraud on Goans - By Jose Maria Miranda Despite the enthusiastic support and the impressive show of strength displayed by all MLAs for the Government motion on Special Status for Goa, serious and well founded suspicions are being raised about the sincerity of the same Government on the

[Goanet] On Airports and Flying High

2013-08-02 Thread roger dsouza
On Airports and Flying High Quote of the Day *If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading* - Lao Tzu *Dear Friends,* *The above slogan reflects very truly on the state of affairs– if we do not stand up to what’s not right and allow things to continue as they are we

[Goanet] Cong fears alienation over Mopa - Herald

2013-08-29 Thread roger dsouza
Cong fears alienation over Mopa August 28, 2013 Luizinho, Shirodkar now playing a different tune keeping an eye on Lok Sabha polls GUILHERME ALMEIDA g...@herald-goa.com MARGAO: After pushing for land acquisition proposal during its rule, there’s a sudden change in stance over the airport issue

[Goanet] Swanky air terminal set to take wing at Dabolim (TOI) - MAKA NAKA MOPA!!!

2013-08-30 Thread roger dsouza
Maka Naka Mopa is on Facebook. To connect with Maka Naka Mopa, sign up for Facebook today. Sign Uphttps://www.facebook.com/r.php?profile_id=545306268825745next=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fmakanakamopafriend_or_subscriber=friendLog

[Goanet] UN Dedicates International Day of Charity to Blessed Mother Teresa -September 5th

2013-09-06 Thread roger dsouza
UN Dedicates International Day of Charity to Blessed Mother Teresa -September 5th Initiative to Promote Importance of Benevolent Giving September 05, 2013 - Today, the United Nations (UN) commemorated the anniversary of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta by declaring September 5th as the

[Goanet] Row after Goa official Education Director Anil Powat calls Church schools ‘pampered’

2013-09-07 Thread roger dsouza
The following article is from the First Post and the shocking attack by Education Director Anil Powar's and allegations and attack on Church Schools in Goa is unwarranted. The Governor of Goa and the High Court are requested to look into this matter. Also why is he being given an extension as part

[Goanet] Fwd: SC questions green clearances to Goa iron ore mines near forests (TOI)

2013-09-18 Thread roger dsouza
Supreme Court questions green clearances to Goa iron ore mines near forests (TOI)TNN | Sep 18, 2013, NEW DELHI: *The Supreme Courthttp://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/topic/Supreme-Courton Tuesday wondered how the ministry of environment and forests could grant environment clearance to so many iron

Re: [Goanet] Update on Supreme Court of India and Goa’s Mining Case - Centre tells SC Environment Clearance to Goa miners indefensible

2013-09-28 Thread roger dsouza
(Golden Goa) and who all are responsible! We now watch very closely to see the outcome of your recent visit to Goa and what you do to protect Goa's Forests and Tigers from the Mining Mafia. Your sincerely, Anxious Goans On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 5:45 PM, roger dsouza rdsg2...@gmail.com wrote

[Goanet] Goa CM: Won't send tiger reserve proposal and wants to exhaust Goa's mineral wealth in 50 years!!! (Times of India)

2013-10-03 Thread roger dsouza
Goa CM: Won't send tiger reserve proposal TNN | Oct 2, 2013, PANAJI: Chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Tuesday expressed his opposition to the proposal of declaring Mhadei wildlife sanctuary as a tiger reserve. He said the state government will not send a proposal to declare the sanctuary as a

[Goanet] Pope Francis to consecrate World on Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

2013-10-13 Thread roger dsouza
Pope Francis speaks about the Faith of Mary (Vatican Radio) A Marian prayer vigil was held on Saturday evening in St. Peter's Square, with a special catechesis by Pope Francis. The statue of Our Lady of Fatima from the Portuguese shrine was flown to Rome for the event. The Pope was scheduled to

[Goanet] Euro tour pegged at over Rs 1 crore!!! Making gold out of garbage at the Goan taxpayer's expense!!!

2013-11-07 Thread roger dsouza
Euro tour pegged at over Rs 1 crore!!! Making gold out of garbage at the Goan taxpayer's expense!!! November 6, 2013 TEAM HERALD teamher...@herald-goa.com PANJIM: The 38-member Goa delegation’s European safari which takes off early Thursday morning, will cost the public exchequer over Rs 1

[Goanet] Navi Mumbai Airport: One hurdle cleared, many more to go (Business Standard)

2013-11-14 Thread roger dsouza
*Navi Mumbai Airport: One hurdle cleared, many more to go (Business Standard)* An agreement between land owners and the Maharashtra government paves the way for construction of the new airport to begin at Navi Mumbai. While this is definitely an important milestone that the government was keen

[Goanet] Cleaners Find Gold Bars in Jet Airways Aircraft Toilet

2013-11-25 Thread roger dsouza
*Cleaners Find Gold Bars in Jet Airways Aircraft Toilet* Nov 25, 13 If you're flying business class on an Indian jet, it may pay you to check the toilets for hidden gold. A scam aimed at smuggling gold bars into India has been uncovered, with the latest incident involving a Jet Airways plane at

[Goanet] 3rd Dec - Happy Feast of St Francis Xavier

2013-12-03 Thread roger dsouza
*Happy Feast of St Francis Xavier* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WPs9sfN488 Click on the link above for a Konkani song about St Francis Xavier

[Goanet] Delhi Election result live: With 28 seats, is Aam Admi Party making BJP nervous? by Ayeshea Perera

2013-12-08 Thread roger dsouza
Delhi Election result live: With 28 seats, is AAP making BJP nervous? *by **Ayeshea Perera* http://www.firstpost.com/author/ayeshea-perera *8.00 pm: Delhi final numbers out - AAP bags 28, BJP 32, Congress just 8* Whoever had any doubt about the magnitude of AAP's intervention in the

[Goanet] Churchill family Portuguese too, asserts Caitu’s PA Gomes (Herald)

2013-12-08 Thread roger dsouza
Churchill family Portuguese too, asserts Caitu’s PA Gomes *December 6, 2013* Files complaint at Colva police station with supporting documents TEAM HERALD teamher...@herald-goa.com MARGAO: In an interesting development in the Portuguese Citizenship row, Personal Assistant to Benaulim MLA

[Goanet] Is Goa's casino industry fuelling gambling addiction - BBC News

2013-12-08 Thread roger dsouza
*Is Goa's casino industry fuelling gambling addiction - BBC News* http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-25180893 6 December 2013 [image: Casino Royale Goa, an off-shore casino on a ship, is pictured anchored on the Mandovi river which runs through Goas capital Panaji]Five of Goa's 15

[Goanet] Now, AAP eyes Goa Lok Sabha seats TOI

2013-12-12 Thread roger dsouza
Now, AAP eyes Goa Lok Sabha seats TNN Dec 10, 2013, PANAJI: After success in its debut run in Delhi's assembly elections, Aam Admi Party (AAP) plans to field candidates in both the Lok Sabha seats in Goa. Goa is an ideal state for the AAP as people are disillusioned with the BJP

[Goanet] Collapsed building in Goa was opposed as illegal

2014-01-06 Thread roger dsouza
Collapsed building in Goa was opposed as illegal http://www.goanews.com/news_disp.php?newsid=4746 GOANEWS DESK, PANAJI | 04 January 2014 *Phase I of Ruby Residency* The building that collapsed in Canacona today afternoon killing many workers has been in controversy over several years now due

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