Re: [Repeater-Builder] New Repeater Desense Problems

2008-07-08 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Don't leave out the isolated TEE between the duplexer and dummy load, Ron. Hi, Steve NU5D Ron Wright wrote: Bill, In finding desense first one must locate the problem. A given. I would start with putting GOOD dummy load on the duplexer output and do a desense test. This can be done

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: MSR 2000

2008-07-08 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Well I dug out my MSR2000 hiband service manual, and as I remembered, the PA is intermittent duty and not continuous duty. The manual does mention a temperature sensor that goes to a feed back loop and reduces output power for self preservation when things get hot. The radio is pretty much a

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Frequency Change do I retune duplexer?

2008-06-27 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Most band pass / band reject will be plenty wide - I measured over 200 Khz on a Wacom 678 that I use with 3 UHF close spaced combined trunking repeaters (some minor loss). I don't believe re-tuning will be needed. Steve NU5D garyp609 wrote: If a repeater was on 447.575 and the frequency was

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Duplexer tuning with an Oscilloscope

2008-06-23 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
This would not be your typical audio frequency or 20 Mhz vertical bandwidth scope, I suppose, I have used a Bearcat programmable radio scanner and an FM10 for a generator to tune pass and reject. Steve NU5D jistabout wrote: Hi Joel, Well, setup is quite simple - For example, if tuning a

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Line Stretcher

2007-06-30 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I whole heartedly agree, Glenn, but with one say 100 Watt pa feeding a cavity duplexer, there is no phase delay issue, just a minor mis-match, that I doubt would ever be seen or heard outside the transmitter shack. The advice I was given on duplexers is once they are tuned properly, leave them

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: OT: Need to find a product to develop goodwill at a tower site(s

2007-05-27 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I like the key click idea - get an older CES phone patch with 5 key click dialing - when the line goes off hook (on a local battery circuit with a relay in series) let the loop current call in a relay to activate the door opener - no security but kinda neat and it could time out after so many

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: DStar Repeater Pics

2007-05-23 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Hey Skipp, I think the trick may be to keep the cable immobilized. I have it secured to the tower at every rung so it don't flex in the breeze - I have seen 7/8 air puncture from slag in the galvanizing on the tower. So far I have had good luck - I have had LMR 600 up on 3 runs at 100 ft and 3

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Crystalls required

2007-05-14 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Much will depend on the Brand and Model of the repeater you are converting. International Crystal Manufacturing in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA may be able to help. Important first step - be sure the repeater is working properly BEFORE you make any changes. Best 73, Steve

Re: [Repeater-Builder] inverter / charger schematic needed

2007-05-13 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D) Might see what Golden Eagle has to say, Steve On 5/13/07, georgiaskywarn [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Good Evening, I am looking for a schematic for this;

Re: [Repeater-Builder] shark frenzy on ebay for 500 watt vhf amplifier

2007-05-02 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Well OM, what did it go for??? Paid $1100 for a used Commander II with a good tube a year or so ago - old amp but sure works nicely. Steve NU5D On 5/2/07, skipp025 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: It was real fun watching some of you shark over that 500 watt vhf amplifier listed on Ebay. Henry

Re: [Repeater-Builder] New repeater Motorola or MA/COM

2007-04-30 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Hello Andy, are you meaning the M3 is not made for 800 Mhz., or not dual band (800/900)? The ones I maintain are 800 Mhz. Steve On 4/30/07, Andrew G. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have used, programmed, setup, and interfaced both the Motorola and MA/COM equipment. I like both equally. The

Re: [Repeater-Builder] New repeater Motorola or MA/COM

2007-04-30 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Understood - On 4/30/07, Andrew G. [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: My bad on that one Steve. Meant to only throw it in as 900. We had a need for a high split 900 station 934-950 and could not get a M3. Still fighting Motorola for a Quantar to use there. Due to the frequency pair we have, it overlaps

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Repeating D-Star

2007-04-27 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I don't think you will be able to just plug binary data into a radio transmitter unless there is a made for the purpose FSK input for binary data that would support the DSTAR data rate. Steve On 4/27/07, Gary [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: You'll have to check with AOR on that one. For all we know

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Tone remote setting question

2007-04-27 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I use a TIMS Meter - transmission impairment measuring system - Halcyon, Convex, NT, even Helper Instruments made a nice $300 box for basic testing. Steve NU5D On 4/27/07, N9WYS [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: My helper told me that I need to start looking for test equipment - he's taking a

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Tone remote setting question

2007-04-26 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I believe 16 db would be terribly excessive loss for a line - maybe 6 db tops. I usually set -10 dbm @ 1000 hz for +/- 3 khz deviation. ). 0 dBm for max deviation. and let the tone levels fall into place as you have indicated. If the line measures 6 db of loss @ 1000 hz, you may want to move

[Repeater-Builder] D-Star Lite, Star Bright

2007-04-25 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Well I played around a little this afternoon and placed a couple of back to back diodes between the discriminator and the tx deviation pot on the phoenixs. There is slight overshoot now on the waveform, but it seems to work just fine on voice. The ID Text must be on the front end of each

[Repeater-Builder] Repeating D-Star

2007-04-24 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Took a couple of antique GE Phoenix SX mobile radios. Programmed for 442.0/ 447.0. With TOT. Carrier Squelch - Took Receiver Un Squelched lead to PTT thru a one transistor keying transistor. Took VOL / SQ Hi and ran it thru a single common emitter stage - bipolar amp and applied the collector

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Repeating D-Star

2007-04-24 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Thanks Gary, so what will it cost Mondo Ham to go out and buy a VHF P25 radio - portable - battery and charger antenna and speaker/mic new or used and the stuff to program it with? Thanks, Steve On 4/24/07, Gary [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Yes you are wrong. Motorola does not nor did they ever

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Service Monitors with D-Star

2007-04-22 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
General best to look at the eye pattern on the receiver. Steve I am just getting started with Dstar - have worked Pro Voice and Aegis for a while. sb On 4/22/07, skipp025 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Nate Duehr [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: how are people testing/working on their D-Star systems?

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Service Monitors

2007-04-21 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Cheep Service Monitor - Take a receiver and an oscilloscope and calibrate the scope to measure transmitter deviation. Then use an inexpensive frequency counter. For receiver testing find a surplus generator and use it with the counter and home made deviation meter (receiver / scope

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Moto Pulsar 120 (IMTS phone war stories)

2007-03-26 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
My first job in the business was as a service tech for an RCC. We had a GE IMTS terminal with hand wired 5th Selector Level stroger switches on the direct inward dial trunks complete with sleeve lead control. There were 4 selector switches, and one block on 1000 numbers. In addition to the GE

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Preamp and attenuator

2007-03-21 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Sounds like a nice setup Dwayne. I would make sure the duplexer is tuned properly, maybe run an isolated TEE test just to be sure everything is OK. Next I would rotate the coupling loops to increase insertion loss and make the skirts steeper. What Wacom taught me to do was to take a cavity,

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Preamp and attenuator

2007-03-21 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I did mean coupling loops on the single band pass cavity and not the duplexer. SB On 3/21/07, Steve Bosshard (NU5D) [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sounds like a nice setup Dwayne. I would make sure the duplexer is tuned properly, maybe run an isolated TEE test just to be sure everything is OK. N

Re: [Repeater-Builder] A Monday Laugh

2007-03-08 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
If you speak long enough to take a breath, you've talked tooo long. Steve NU5D

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Am I being Censored ?

2007-03-02 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
Most likely just yahoo and your isp - a friend here in Temple on road runner takes hours for a post to go through, while a different isp goes through in minutes. 73, Steve NU5D

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Very busy at the moment...

2007-02-27 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
Hey Paul, An easy way to stop emails for a bit, without leaving the group, is to go to and set your account to NO EMAIL. You can still look at messages at the address above, but will not receive them as emails. You can also try digest, where you

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Shiny antennas (Black, Chrome and Salmon Colors)

2007-02-22 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
I posted the comment about shiny antennas totally tongue in cheek and not to be taken seriously. A coating of aluminum oxide should have practically no effect on antenna performance. As far as particles vs waves, seems like some theory fits particles and other theory fits wave theory (Planks

Re: [Repeater-Builder] G.E.MVS Serice Manual

2007-02-21 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Antenna Gain Specs

2007-02-21 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
Well I have gone back to Decibel catalogue 23. Older books discarded. I am pretty sure that at one time the DB224 was rated at 4.5 dBd, and then later at 6 dBd., but this is from memory, I can't find an older catalogue. Regarding a clean and shiny antenna, we had a discussion at coffee. The

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Shiny antennas (was Re: Antenna Gain Specs)

2007-02-21 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
Go for it, Roger - hope folks get a chuckle. Steve NU5D

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Antenna cleaning solvent ???

2007-02-15 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Wouldn't the pitting give the antenna more surface area, broader bandwidth, and more gain? DE NU5D On 2/14/07, John [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: What is a good cleaning solvent for aluminum repeater antennas? I have an antenna that was exposed to the weather for years and it has become pitted

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Advanced Receiver Research Preamp 144-148

2007-02-09 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
Seems like ARR sells them for around $15 each. sb

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Advanced Receiver Research Preamp 144-148

2007-02-09 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
Hey Jeff, I have a very dear friend who cannot keep from 'improving' on alignment. This started with the old railroad T43GGV up to the Regency RH250B, and an Atlas 210. I gave this fellow the RH250B, tuned and programmed for the local 2M FM repeaters and put a stick on seal on the case -

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Intermod

2007-02-03 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Shouldn't the 147.765 subscriber station be counted in the mix? While the distance and field strength may vary, the user sending to the 147.165 does make a contribution to the mix. sb On 2/3/07, Fred Flowers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Kevin, Please allow me to pick your brain. I was just

Re: ADMs (was Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Commercial Trunking repeater)

2007-02-03 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Not sure how this got from commercial trunking repeaters to silence compression, but in the last days of tone and voice radio paging, silence compression, and digital reduction were very big items - seems like BBL. Freeman, Glenayre and Zetron were big players in the game - ancient history. sb

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: New article on Channel Element/ICOM stability - W3KKC

2007-02-03 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
If there is such a thing - ICM in OKC would be tops, then Bomar, and down the line. sb On 2/3/07, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: At 2/3/2007 06:06, you wrote: On 2/2/07, Kevin Custer mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED][EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: e. , I really wonder if there's anyone out

[Repeater-Builder] Belton Ham Expo 2007

2007-01-22 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
The Temple Amateur Radio Club is gearing for the Ham Expo 2007, Held at the Bell County Expo Center in Belton, Texas Visit the Expo Page for important information: -- Ham Radio Spoken Here.NU5D Visit the Temple Ham Club Website

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Ritron RR454 svc manual needed

2007-01-13 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I scanned the book a couple of years ago - If I still have the pdf will send Mon or Tue. Steve NU5D On 1/13/07, jack_kr9q [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello to the group, I am reworking a pair of RR454 rptrs and need a svc manual. Does anyone have a copy to sell or loan? Many Thanks 73 Jack

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Wide area coverage

2007-01-08 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I have used Spoke and Hub system. Several 146 Mhz repeaters cross connected to 440 Mhz control stations, all looking at the same 440 repeater for distrubution between the different 144 Mhz repeaters. Steve NU5D On 1/7/07, allenittiyavira [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello all, I am Allen,

Re: [Repeater-Builder] What Can Go Wrong With A Bird 43?

2006-12-31 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
There is a connector on the back of the sloted line that resembles an old style microphone connector - I have had the center pin make poor contact and either read erratically or not at all. A meter could fail but I don't think I have ever seen that happen. sb On 12/31/06, dadavies3 [EMAIL

Re: [Repeater-Builder] E-Mail Change of Address

2006-12-30 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Before you change, be sure and send a [EMAIL PROTECTED] email (and same for other lists), then when your new account becomes active, send a [EMAIL PROTECTED] email. Probably telling you something you already know, but just in case. You will like the gmail account - no more changes unless you

Re: [Repeater-Builder] E-Mail Change of Address

2006-12-30 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
You betcha, Jim. There is a way for you to use outlook express or other mail programs with gmail as well. Info is on the gmail page. Best 2007. Steve On 12/30/06, Jim Cicirello [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Steve, I went into all my Yahoo Groups to include Repeater-Builder and changed by

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Need help troubleshooting a Motorola Mitrek UHF

2006-12-30 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Wo'ah - Aren't the OR and GN wires the A+ and A+ switched leads going into the control head? First question - did this lash up work and then quit, or are you trying to get it going from scratch? steve NU5D Next will probably have the hook up or else I

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: 6M cans still wanted in UK

2006-12-25 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Those High $ Wacom duplexers were made from aluminum irrigation pipe that was cadmium and silver plated. The tuning rods were invar. One of the most difficult items was mechanical stability of the crown at the top of the cavity. Wonder if there is some plumbing supplies that may be used to

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: [Motorola-Metrum-Motrac-Motran-Mocom] Kellogg's FCC Sign Pact

2006-12-17 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Gentlemen, does this promote our hobby? Steve NU5D On 12/17/06, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: ... forwarded ... ;) - Original Message - From: Dave [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Sunday, December 17, 2006 10:00 am Subject: [Motorola-Metrum-Motrac-Motran-Mocom] Kellogg's

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: DC INJECTOR AND PREAMP

2006-06-04 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
PROTECTED] wrote: Don't know if I'd trust the remote ac power option in some cases. The cable would have to be underground and/or well protected above ground... Plain Romex would scare me and make an insurance carrier even more nervous. cheers, skipp Steve Bosshard (NU5D) wrote: Why not use

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Qustion I Have

2006-06-04 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Well Lets see, 4 Watts = +6.02 dBw, plus 5.0 dB of Gain in the antenna for +11.02, minus coax loss, lets guestimate 1.5 dB and connector / adaptor loss of 0.5 dB would put you at +9.02 dBw, or 7.98 Watts ERP - just shy of 8 Watts. Since you are using a simplexor there is no duplexer loss. If

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Wount To Find Out About Buiding A New Repeter

2006-05-31 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Specs for a Decibel Products DB420 Antenna. PS - Nice job on sys gain and losses, N3DAB. Very good explanation. Some useful formulae: Power gain = 10 * LOG (power in / power out) (if in and out are reversed the result will be a negative

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Winegard TV pre-amps

2006-05-30 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Our local Medical Center, Scott and White Memorial has an RV park, and a Med 8 duplex base station, that uses 5 key clicks to operate a telephone patch to the ER Department.At times an interfering signal would cause the patch to go wild. We traced it down to the RV area and suspected an active

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Double the gain or double the power?

2006-05-30 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
#1 Go for Height. #2 Go for antenna gain (helps Receive and Transmit) #3 Power - probably should not have much more erp than the users will have talking back... Height is great up to a point. Once you get past 400 to 500 feet, the horizon doesn't get much further out without a substantial

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Double the gain or double the power?

2006-05-30 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Depending on the degree of coupling, at VHF, the loss in 2, 8 cavities will be around 1.5 dB., send or receive. 10 LOG 25/42 comes to around 2.25 dB. A little on the high side. I don't understand where adding the remaining 2 elements to a 4 element antenna will change the loss. Seems the

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: DC INJECTOR AND PREAMP

2006-05-30 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Why not use outdoor romex cable to extend AC power, and move the repeater closer to the antenna - loss would then be in the AC power line, and not in the transmission line. Assumes you can find a suitable and secure outdoor enclosure Steve NU5D On 5/30/06, skipp025 [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Double the gain or double the power?

2006-05-30 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
however,that is not possible at this time. ThanksAaronVA6AE--- In, Steve Bosshard (NU5D)[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Depending on the degree of coupling, at VHF, the loss in 2, 8 cavities will be around 1.5 dB., send or receive.10 LOG 25/42 comes to around2.25 dB

Re: [Repeater-Builder] OT Need a GE Master Series Key

2006-05-18 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
If the station is in a stand up cabinet with hinges on the door, simply press upward on the pin on the bottom hinge, and the door will come un-hinged (works for GE and Moto Micor series at least). Else BF10A, or 1000GE Key - maybe one of the local folks will spare you one - I have seen camper

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Need a GE Key

2006-05-18 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I couldn't resist this one, so please don't take this as nit picking, but for a purist, the BF10 fits the TPL, Transistorized Progress Line, and the BF10A fits the DM Desk Mate and MastrPRO, and MII Mobiles. The 1000GE is for the 69 Cabinets. Such is true most of the time, but there are

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Wilson UHF Citi-com repeater

2006-05-12 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Pretty sure it is the same as some of the Regency repeaters. Is this one abt 6 tall in an aluminum mesh enclosure, or is it made for rack mounting and abt 3 1/2 tall. If so I have scanned by manual for the 3 1/2 tall one, and will be glad to post. Steve NU5D On 5/12/06, Daron J. Wilson

Re: [Repeater-Builder] GE Mastr IIe

2006-05-10 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
ZETRON has applications notes for their community repeater panels. I have used these to interface other controllers to M2e, M3 Stations.Steve NU5DOn 5/10/06, Andrew [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello again,Does anyone have the info on how to interface a GE Mastr IIeStation to an external

Re: [Repeater-Builder] GE Mastr IIe

2006-05-10 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Seems like I called and they faxed a copy to me. Will scan and post 2 morrow morning.SteveOn 5/10/06, Joe [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:Is this available on the web?I looked on the Zetron site and couldn't find the notes.JoeAt 07:20 PM 5/10/2006 -0500, you wrote:ZETRON has applications notes for

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Strange Repeater Problem

2006-05-08 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I remember PC's radiating a very strong signal at 462.000 - was really noticable at a local hospital. ssbOn 5/8/06, atms169 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:--- In, Bob Dengler [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: At 5/4/2006 08:38 AM, you wrote: I hope someone can shed some

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Uniden ARU251 Repeater

2006-05-07 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Two things come to mind. First, it could be counting a spur - this might get past a notch duplexer - How is performance - if there is much power in a spur it should be working pretty poorly.Second, are you using a talkie to key the repeater - combination of two signals might cause the counter

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Ericsson Mastr IIe

2006-05-07 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Seems like the M3 bat file starts mastr.exe / M3 or something like that. Pretty sure if you have M3 software and change the bat or just launch and read you will be ok.steve nu5d On 5/7/06, Terry Stewardson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Can anyone help me locate a place to buy or

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: Uniden ARU251 Repeater

2006-05-07 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Yeah, 5 kc off will make it sound kinda funky, and I don't have GMRS rules in front of me but may also be out of legal tolerance. If you are sure your counter is accurate (ck against a know to to correct source), then set the trimmer in the TX module, or see if the shop that tuned it up for you

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Mastr III HB station

2006-05-07 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I would very strongly (almost to caps) recommend you use the built in controller inherent in the M3. You get hang time, time out timer, dtmf on/off, and morse id just by programming. We have had one in service , W5LM for 6 or 7 years with one PA driver module failure. Best luck, Steve NU5D On

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Mastr III HB station

2006-05-07 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
decoder. There is a software flash code that will fix this problem, until you reprogram the repeater, then you will need to flash it again. ssb On 5/7/06, Steve Bosshard (NU5D) [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I would very strongly (almost to caps) recommend you use the built in controller inherent in the M3

Re: [Repeater-Builder] scanner interference

2006-05-03 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Years ago I installed a phone patch on a MED 8 duplex base station that was carrier squelch. I set the patch up for 5 Key Clicks to activate the auto dialer into the ER. Some patient on the 8th floor had a scanner and the LO while scanning ran across the 468.0 input. Liked to drive the ER

[Repeater-Builder] Semi-Rigid Coaxial Transmisson Line.

2006-04-24 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
There is a formula in most hand books where the characteristic impedance can be determined from the inner diameter of the shield and the outer diameter of the center conductor. I have built many makeshift connectors using an UHF barrel, PL258, and slotting the outer conductor of the cable with

[Repeater-Builder] - Coax Info

2006-04-24 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D) Ham Radio Spoken Here.NU5D YAHOO! GROUPS LINKS Visit your group "Repeater-Builder" on the web. To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Your use of Yahoo! Groups is subject to the Yahoo!

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Two CTCSS Tones out of One TX

2006-04-21 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I did run 162.2 and 192.8 on a HT90 and it did work with a Micor and M Pro receiver on the station end. Newer digital tone decoders will not work because the agregate of the two tones will cause the tone to look like the sum of the two, but it will excite a decoder reed, or frequency selective

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Virus Warning

2006-04-16 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Would that make it an STD:?ssbOn 4/16/06, k4lch [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The post from kuggie contains a virus program not a sex video-- Ham Radio Spoken Here.NU5D YAHOO! GROUPS LINKS Visit your group "Repeater-Builder" on the web. To unsubscribe from

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Frequency Spacing?

2006-04-05 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
There is a magic number where the output of one repeater will not bother the input of the other and vice versa. I would want the two repeaters to be as close as possible to each other's frequency. You can use ONE duplexer for both repeaters if they are very close to each other, say less than 75

Re: [Repeater-Builder] LMR coax

2006-04-02 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I have had good luck, except the LMR400 / similar to 9913 is prone to center conductor (copper clad solid aluminum) breaking if it gets too much flexing. ssbOn 4/2/06, Mike Perryman K5JMP [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Tim,The only issue I have had is that if you get any moisture between the

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: LMR coax

2006-04-02 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Hello Skipp,I would be really interested in knowing with say 10 watts going into the cable, how much reaches a dummy load at the far end. I have never had any loss issues with LMR400, other than breaking the center conductor. I have bunches of LMR500 and 600 with no trouble. Above 600, it makes

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Updated web site.

2006-03-29 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Hello Frank,Nice site with lots of stuff. Put a link under Guestbook to make it easier to find and sign in.. Also, the dark background with dark print makes it a little difficult to read.Thanks for all the hard work that went into it. 73,SteveNU5DOn 3/28/06, frankipmc [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Fiberglass antenna protective coating?

2006-03-22 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Seems like I have used an epoxy resin with a hardener to seal fiberglass radomes. I have had some that were pretty ragged, and had to hand sand the loose fibers, then apply epoxy resin. Seems like the working time was something like 30 minutes before the epoxy began to set. I have had several

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Switching PL on and of on a TS-32

2006-03-20 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Seems like there is a control line on the ts32 board audio buffer that can be tied to detect line to gate audio.On 3/19/06, John J. Riddell [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:I had a similar problem here and I put a relay on the audio line that shorts theaudio outputwhen COS

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Switching PL on and of on a TS-32

2006-03-20 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I once wired a diode to one of the switch positions to CHANGE the tone during COS - similar to reverse burst, except now a totally different tone - made the receivers quench nicely.Steve NU5D On 3/19/06, Chuck Kelsey [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: That's what I do -- gate the audio line. I usually

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Can anyone identify this?

2006-03-19 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I remember a Micor station with the big ribbon cable - will look and see if I still have manual - Seems like there was a unified chassis and a split chassis. Steve NU5DOn 3/17/06, Rick Stirling [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: We have a repeater given to our club. It is more or less in

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Re: EEproms Phoenix Radios

2006-03-18 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
of the channels.HowardWB4GUD--- In , Steve Bosshard (NU5D)[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have a Niles box for 2214 parallel eeproms, or there is anotherbox that handles both the 2214 and the 9346? serial eeprom.If you want to send the eeprom I will be glad to reprogram and return

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Info Needed: Lunar Electronics model # PAC 800 preamp

2006-03-03 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D) See if this helps, Mark. PS - tnx fer the help on the MLS1 - Now if I could get my VHF Orion into 2M band.Steve On 3/3/06, Mark Cobbeldick [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Lunar Electronics model # PAC 800 preampDoes anyone have any info on the above

Re: [Repeater-Builder] MLS1 GE

2006-02-26 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I was thinking the MLS2 used a pc and serial cable and the MLS1 used a suitcase. Will either go to 52.525? ssb On 2/24/06, mch [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: It can also be programmed with a PC. That's how I do it. Joe M. Eric Lemmon wrote: Steve, I have a GE MLS (aka MLS 1, once the

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Uniden SMH 400G

2006-02-26 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Scott, Ever run into Larry Temenoff there? Met him at Magnavox while doing microwave contract work with Loral Terracom - think his call is KB9OS. May be in Auburn now. Steve NU5D formerly N5OEM and KA5AMI. On 2/25/06, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have an AMX-500c programmer

Re: [Repeater-Builder] MastrIII part needed

2006-02-26 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
: Steve Bosshard (NU5D) [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: Re: MastrIII part needed Larry, Is the module destroyed? Seems like these are in the $2K price range. They can be repaired, and I have resurected a non functioning one doing a reset. What is the nature of your failure? Steve NU5D On 2

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Micor 375 Watt TLD5082 question?

2006-02-26 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Does the 40 Watt exciter make on frequency power? Was it working properly before you changed tubes and moved frequency? I used a Kenwood TKR720 to drive the PA on one of these for several years with the TKR running about 25 Watts. Steve NU5D On 2/22/06, Bryon Jeffers K0BSJ [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[Repeater-Builder] MLS1 GE

2006-02-24 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
I have a friend with an MLS 1 in high split Low band that would like to go 52.525 in the 6 M band. I think this radio uses a suitcase programmer. Anyone know particulars? Steve -- DE NU5D - Promote Amateur Radio Yahoo! Groups Links * To visit your group on the web, go to:

Re: [Repeater-Builder]MastrIII part needed

2006-02-24 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Larry, Is the module destroyed? Seems like these are in the $2K price range. They can be repaired, and I have resurected a non functioning one doing a reset. What is the nature of your failure? Steve NU5D On 2/24/06, Larry Williams [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hello, looking for a system

Re: [Repeater-Builder] Duol band commercial antennas

2006-02-17 Thread Steve Bosshard (NU5D)
Once needed a combination VHF - 155.22 and UHF 463/468 antenna for a Med Control Base Station - Hustler in Mineral Wells, TX made some for me. But these were for commercial and not ham. I have often used a 155 Mhz db224 on 146 and had reasonable results - also with db420's. Steve NU5D On

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Duplexer tuning with MINIMUM tools

2005-12-23 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
I once used a 10 Watt freq agile transmitter and wattmeter to set pass freq and a bearcat scanner and a tunable variable frequency generator to set notch on a wacom 678 UHF duplexer. Tuned notch for noisiest signal into scanner. Steve NU5D -Original Message- From:

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Kenwood TKR-820

2005-12-14 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
Some of the low end talkies do not respond to reverse burst. No tone on tail works for most everyone, but not nearly as 'clean' as reverse burst - also there are several different amounts of phase shift with reverse burst. Ssb You DO know the TKR-820 generates reverse burst? From:

RE: [Repeater-Builder] GM300 Deviation

2005-12-14 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
Andy, you did not deserve any ridicule, and the think folks meant everything with levity. Remember, when you are being picked on, it means that I am not being picked on.Merry Christmas, ssb From: [] On

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Kenwood TKR-820

2005-12-13 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
There is a 9346 eeprom on the signaling board. Seems like removing this chip will make the radio CS. Will be glad to pgm tones/dcs if u want to send the chip. Freq info is contained in a 9346 on the front panel pcb and soldered into place. If you remove and socket this chip, I can also

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Flash Technology Tower Lighting

2005-11-20 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
Early Flash Technology strobes had lots of trouble with the energy from the flash causing O2 to evolve into O3 that is highly corrosive and caused the socketed ICs on the controller board to make poor contact in the sockets later on they added a vapor shield between the chamber that

RE: [Repeater-Builder] mixing problem?

2005-06-10 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
Does the noise go away when transmitting into a dummy load? Second, can you unhook the receiver from the duplexer and use a clip lead for a receive antenna for a test and see if the signal is still present? GL, Steve -Original Message- From:

RE: [Repeater-Builder] mixing problem?

2005-06-10 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
-Builder] mixing problem? - Original Message - From: Steve Bosshard (NU5D) [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2005 11:38 PM Subject: RE: [Repeater-Builder] mixing problem? Does the noise go away when transmitting into a dummy load? Yes

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Looking for Used MSR2000 Channell Element

2005-06-10 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
Pretty sure the MSR uses the same elements as the Mitrek mobile radio. Ssb -Original Message- From: [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of gervais fillion Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2005 10:24 PM To: Subject:

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Cushamn Service Monitors: Who Repairs Them

2005-06-05 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
NS in Atlanta worked on my 6300 last time. SSB -Original Message- From: [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Kevin Berlen, K9HX Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2005 8:21 AM To: Subject: Re: [Repeater-Builder] Cushamn Service

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Simulcast: Anyone done this for ham repeaters

2005-06-05 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
I saw a disciplined oscillator using cdma cellular instead of gps - This would be useful in synchronizing transmitter oscillators. Ed O Conner at Simulcast Solutions has been a super helpful resource. The other half of the picture would be site voting receivers... Most ham clubs do not have the

RE: [Repeater-Builder] LTR controller on a GE mastr II Help please

2005-05-31 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
I would not go there.. Steve b Will the FCC certification of the transmitter need to be changed because of the additional circuitry? Neil - WA6KLA Gary Laforce wrote: It is for a Commercial system. But I don't see what that has to do Yahoo! Groups Links * To

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Audio limiting on incoming signals

2005-04-14 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
Lemme get the manuals out and see what the specs are. Ssb -Original Message- From: Kevin Custer [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] How much exactly is the amount of minor comprerssion, 2 to 1 or more? Kevin [Steve Bosshard (NU5D)] Yahoo! Groups Links * To visit your group

[Repeater-Builder] Microphone Gain and Deviation

2005-04-14 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\)
Best answer I have found for soft spoken folks is the little mic preamp board used in some of the old GE Phoenix and MVS radios. Little single stage amp that operated from bias on the mic line. I usually set the deviation limit for voice at 4.0 Khz. And allow a little for tone/dcg.

RE: [Repeater-Builder] Swaping TX and RX freqs?

2005-04-13 Thread Steve Bosshard \(NU5D\) Subject: Re: [Repeater-Builder] Swaping TX and RX freqs? T.J. wrote: I have a question for the group about flipping frequencies around on a [Steve Bosshard (NU5D)] Yahoo! Groups Links * To visit your group on the web, go to:

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