Re: [rt-users] SelfService and custom status

2015-02-27 Thread Alex Peters
I don't believe that it's possible for a user to be simultaneously unprivileged and have rights granted to them, so I would suspect that your goal is possibly unsupported in its current form. Have you considered setting these users up as privileged instead, with minimal rights? On Sat, 28 Feb

Re: [rt-users] Notify when ticket transferred into queue

2015-02-27 Thread Alex Peters
I'm guessing that your scrip is set to run in Transaction Create mode. By changing your scrip to run in Transaction Batch mode, the queue change will have already completed. This should cause AdminCcs to refer to the correct people when the scrip then runs. On Thu, 19 Feb 2015 at 05:23 Bryn

Re: [rt-users] add a queue, missing something

2015-02-27 Thread Alex Peters
When you say you created a group of users to go with the queue, does that mean you created a user-defined group (Admin Groups)? If so, all you need to do is associate that group with the queue in the appropriate role. Admin Queues (the new queue) Watchers Find the relevant user group by

Re: [rt-users] RT customize

2015-02-27 Thread Alex Peters
For posterity, RT v4.2.10 introduces the ability to add groups as requestors. If I understand this thread correctly (a group of people belonging to another queue are requesting work in this queue), RT v4.2.10 should allow the desired behaviour without code modifications. On Fri, 20 Feb 2015 at

Re: [rt-users] Set Owner on Queue Change

2015-02-27 Thread Alex Peters
I'm pretty sure that if a ticket owned by someone is moved to another queue where that user doesn't have ownership rights, RT automatically adjusts ownership to nobody. Since those people retain ownership in your setup, it sounds like your ownership rights are too permissive. On Tue, 3 Feb 2015

Re: [rt-users] Group Users not receiving mails

2015-02-27 Thread Alex Peters
As a super user (or a user with the ShowOutgoingEmail right), look at the emails being generated by RT and confirm that they have the expected To, Cc and Bcc headers. If not, this is possibly a group configuration issue. Consider enabling debug logging to determine whether mail is being

Re: [rt-users] Change organization and rtname

2015-02-27 Thread Alex Peters
I don't believe that the $Organization value is displayed anywhere in RT's interface. The value affecting the top-right corner is $rtname. This can be changed without breaking all existing ticket links. Making a localised modification to the page template element responsible for that top-right

Re: [rt-users] ticket rejected still bold in list

2015-02-27 Thread Alex Peters
Could you please clarify this question? I believe that the formatting of tickets in search result lists is governed by the search display format for all tickets in the list, and can't be changed based on individual ticket attributes. On Thu, 19 Feb 2015 at 20:07 Luca Ferrari

Re: [rt-users] _Safely_ adding watchers from Cc

2015-02-27 Thread Alex Peters
I'm struggling to unambiguously understand your description of the issue. Could you please rephrase in terms of what you expect to happen in a specific circumstance vs. what actually happens (e.g. when you create a ticket via email with CCs, when you respond to an existing ticket with the same/new

Re: [rt-users] Set priority - On queue change

2015-02-27 Thread Alex Peters
Simply create a scrip in RT's admin interface for the relevant queue/queues, with a condition of On Queue Change and an action of User Defined. Leave Custom Condition blank. Place this in Custom Action Preparation Code: 1; and place this in Custom Action Commit Code: $Ticket-SetPriority(5);

Re: [rt-users] Multiple Validation for Customfield

2015-02-27 Thread Alex Peters
On my RT installation, the Digits validation requires at least one character and therefore functions as Mandatory does. Is this not the case for your installation? I believe that the Validation value is just a standard regex, and any regex can be entered. On Wed, 18 Feb 2015 at 19:14 vinz

Re: [rt-users] Add Values from a textarea to another

2015-02-27 Thread Alex Peters
Content is the only supported multi-line field in Create-Ticket templates. To deal with mutli-line custom fields, I suspect that you need to modify each line of the field to have the name of the custom field at the beginning. This might work: Request Type: {

Re: [rt-users] delete or move a correspondence

2015-02-27 Thread Alex Peters
rt-shredder can be used to delete individual transactions from a ticket, such as correspondence: A more hacky method is discussed here: I'm not aware of any supported way to move

[rt-users] SelfService and custom status

2015-02-27 Thread elifree
Hello, On our RT 4.2.6, I created a lifecycle support with specifics status, which is working fine. The requestor is unprivileged, but is granted the right ModifyTicket (globally), and ShowTicket, Watch and ReplyToTicket on the queue. The queue has the support lifecycle. On SelfService

[rt-users] Group Users not receiving mails

2015-02-27 Thread Sachin Murudkar
Hi Team I have installed RT 4.2.9 in which my group users are not able to receive mails when generated tickets. Need to know if there is any settings or if I am going wrong anywhere. *Sachin Murudkar* *IT Manager* *T:* +91 22 4209 5000 *M: *8879645324 Mainframe IT Park, Building H, Royal

Re: [rt-users] Warning messages after upgrade to rt 4.2.10

2015-02-27 Thread Giles Coochey
On 27/02/2015 09:21, Arkady Glazov wrote: Hi, Today i upgrade my RT 4.2.9 to 4.2.10 successfully. But now i have in appache rt logs next warning messages: [10373] [Fri Feb 27 09:00:02 2015] [info]: Using internal Perl HTML - text conversion (/opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/RT/Interface/