Re: [sqlite] New SQLite Forum established - this mailing list is deprecated

2020-03-13 Thread Kees Nuyt
e Trash > automatically. > It's all I need. With a subscription to email notifications of the sqlite-forum you can lurk in just the same way as the sqlite-users mailing list. Threaded or in date order, whatever your email client supports. Just try it, your worries will vanish soon. -- Regards,

Re: [sqlite] notify all processes of database modification

2020-02-07 Thread Kees Nuyt
t have that message anymore, so it is not totally clear what you need. Anyway, SQLite doesn't have such a mechanism by itself. Maybe inotify is useful to you : -- Regards, Kee

Re: [sqlite] csv extension/feature requests: new options for field separator different from default ', ' and skip=N to skip first N lines

2020-02-04 Thread Kees Nuyt
in another form $ cat test.csv "a";"b" "c";"d" $ sqlite3 test.db \ "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS tbl1" \ ".mode csv" \ ".separator ;" \ ".import test.csv tbl1" \ ". mode column" \ ".headers on" \ "SELECT

Re: [sqlite] Is there a way to yield an error when opening a nonexistent dbfile?

2020-01-31 Thread Kees Nuyt
want > the sqlite3 to fail when the dbfile does not exist. Is there a way to > achieve this? $ sqlite3 -readonly testx.db SQLite version 3.31.1 2020-01-27 19:55:54 Enter ".help" for usage hints. sqlite> .tables Error: unable to open database "testx.db": unabl

Re: [sqlite] Obtaining rowid of an updated row in UPSERT

2020-01-19 Thread Kees Nuyt
feel suboptimal. On the source code side, yes, but you have to wrap the UPSERT and subsequent SELECT in a transaction anyway, so you can be sure the relavant index and table pages are still valid in the cache. So, performancewise, it doesn't matter much. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] how to pass -Dxxx compile option

2020-01-09 Thread Kees Nuyt
shell.c ../fossil/src/linenoise.c sqlite3.c -o sqlite3 \ && make sqlite3_analyzer \ && make sqldiff \ && make scrub \ && make showdb \ && make showwal \ && make showshm \ && make word

Re: [sqlite] Bug report

2019-11-21 Thread Kees Nuyt
On Thu, 21 Nov 2019 21:02:57 +, Jose Isaias Cabrera wrote: >Kees Nuyt, on Thursday, November 21, 2019 03:48 PM, wrote... [...] >> >> I see no CVE entered by the OP, but maybe I missed something. > > Yes, you are right. After pasting it, I went through the top 5 >

Re: [sqlite] Bug report

2019-11-21 Thread Kees Nuyt
lity exists within processing of localize.php in Schneider > Electric U.motion Builder software versions prior to v1.3.4. The underlying > SQLite database query is subject to SQL injection on the username input > parameter. Application error -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Bug report

2019-11-21 Thread Kees Nuyt
The mailing list strips attachemnts. Please insert them in the body text of your message, or mail them to Richard Hipp. > FYI, we have also reported the bugs for CVE > at <>. Can you tell us the CVE nun

Re: [sqlite] Getting "chunked" output from a large SELECT operation.

2019-10-16 Thread Kees Nuyt
le not SQLITE_DONE sqlite3_step() do-something-with-the-row -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list htt

Re: [sqlite] Hello everyone, I found some strange behavior when using the Command Line Shell For SQLite.

2019-10-03 Thread Kees Nuyt
é ä -- -- 1 téxt sqlite>.q ~ $ sqlite3 test.db \ ".mode column" ".head on" ".width 1 4" "SELECT * FROM x" \ | hexdump -C c3 a9 20 20 c3 a4 20 20 20 0a 2d 20 20 2d 2d 2d |.. .. .- ---| 0010 2d 0a 31 20 20 74 c3 a

Re: [sqlite] Endless loop possible with simultaneous SELECT and UPDATE?

2019-09-03 Thread Kees Nuyt
rks for WAL journal mode. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] sqlite: see: encryption

2019-09-03 Thread Kees Nuyt
tore is unavailable. Keep this in mind if you have a background service that could need to access your application secrets." <> It is the first hit in a search on "android keystore ap

Re: [sqlite] sqlite3 unable to open network db file in readwrite mode

2019-07-07 Thread Kees Nuyt
rst thought: Is the directory writable? It has to be so SQLite can create a journal file. Apart from that, SQLite has to be able to create files in its TMPDIR. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Read/Write cycle

2019-04-25 Thread Kees Nuyt
ata, let it run and measure the read/write cycles as they occur. Hope this helps. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Built in and enabled Virtual Table extensions in SQLite CLI?

2019-04-10 Thread Kees Nuyt
On Wed, 10 Apr 2019 11:05:59 +0100, you wrote: >Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 10:28:55 AM, Luuk wrote: > >> On 10-4-2019 10:28, Kees Nuyt wrote: > >>> sqlite> select * from pragma_function_list; > >> sqlite> select * from pragma_function_list; >> Error:

Re: [sqlite] Built in and enabled Virtual Table extensions in SQLite CLI?

2019-04-10 Thread Kees Nuyt
uilt as > an external library (.dll) to be loaded by eg. .load ./csv where csv > would be csv.dll in the current directory. If the csv extension was > built-in, would I still need to load it to activate it? I don't think so. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt _

[sqlite] Documentation error: USE_ZLIB versus HAVE_ZLIB

2019-03-25 Thread Kees Nuyt
VE_ZLIB src/ !defined(SQLITE_OMIT_VIRTUALTABLE) && defined(SQLITE_HAVE_ZLIB) src/ SQLITE_HAVE_ZLIB src/ !defined(SQLITE_OMIT_VIRTUALTABLE) && defined(SQLITE_HAVE_ZLIB) src/test1.c:7181:#ifdef SQLITE_HAVE_ZLIB src/test1.c:7209:#ifd

Re: [sqlite] Checking differences in tables

2019-02-12 Thread Kees Nuyt
t WHERE a = 'p001' AND max(idate)), > 4, '2019-02-12'); > Error: misuse of aggregate function max() Try: insert into t (a, b, c, d, e, idate) values ('p001', 1, 2, (SELECT d FROM t WHERE a = 'p001' AND idate = (SELECT max(idate) FROM t WHERE a = 'p001') ), 4, '2019-02-12'); -- Reg

Re: [sqlite] FOREIGN KEY constraint not respected during bulk insert using TRANSACTION

2018-12-15 Thread Kees Nuyt
by default. Indeed bulk inserts are fast without it. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] SQLite Windows GUI alternative to Excel?

2018-10-07 Thread Kees Nuyt
ebforum. If you don't want to be anonymous, you only have to login. Click the reply button to reply. That's all. No further navigation or browsing required. For me, this is a very acceptable alternative for a mailing list. YMMV, I know you post more often than I d

Re: [sqlite] .exit in script is not working

2018-08-31 Thread Kees Nuyt
On Fri, 31 Aug 2018 19:29:47 +0200, Stéphane AULERY wrote: > When I use the -init option the .exit statement > at the end of my script is never executed. > > I launch sqlite from a batch file on Windows Server 2012 and Windows 7 64 bit. > > Command line : > sqlite3.exe -init myscript.scr If you

Re: [sqlite] "Cheating" at making common tables

2018-08-04 Thread Kees Nuyt
te tables based on this structure, and setup the PK? I guess would use good old m4 for that. Or awk. [...] -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Using CTE with date comparison

2018-08-03 Thread Kees Nuyt
iquely identify a tuple (row). Each key is called a candidate key. Only one of those keys can be choosen to be the PRIMARY KEY. All other candidate keys can get honored by adding the UNIQUE clause, to recognize them as alternative keys. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___

Re: [sqlite] crash dropping table

2018-04-18 Thread Kees Nuyt
-- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] CLI thoughts

2018-04-15 Thread Kees Nuyt
s > one check? I guess the easiest way is to just load the extension again, if you are not sure it is loaded at some point. If it fails to load, an exception is raised. > Well, just thinking out loud. No problem, so do I ;) -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Bug? INSERT OR REPLACE not equivalent to DELETE followed by INSERT

2018-03-21 Thread Kees Nuyt
n't see a big advantage in UPSERT. My humble two cents, -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Bug in fsdir

2018-03-15 Thread Kees Nuyt
se. > Fixed by Richard Hipp on trunk: -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Dealing with SQLITE_BUSY

2018-02-22 Thread Kees Nuyt
e." <> > Do remember when setting your timeout, that you have to set it in both > connections. Exeactly. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Question about threadsafe

2018-02-07 Thread Kees Nuyt
the problem go away if you use threadsafe = 2 ? > > The problem is still here. Because the test uses two processes, every process is single-threaded, no risc of concurrency between threads. PRAGMA busy_timeout might be helpful. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Documentation update

2018-01-31 Thread Kees Nuyt
t;> >>> 8.3. I/O error while obtaining a lock leads to corruption > > Can you clarify your correction ? I don't see a difference. It used to be: 8.3. I/O while obtaining a lock leads to corruption (the word error is missing) -- Regards, Kees Nuyt _

Re: [sqlite] Groups in C API

2018-01-30 Thread Kees Nuyt
diagrams. I have no idea how > feasible it would be to get SQLite doing this. ORDER BY does the job just fine, there's no need to overload GROUP BY with that functionality. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Odd question

2017-12-18 Thread Kees Nuyt
hanges (deprecated, but might still work) -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Unable to store 500MB size of row data even after define macro SQLITE_MAX_LENGTH

2017-12-08 Thread Kees Nuyt
tml#pragma_page_size PRAGMA schema.cache_size; Other things to look at: PRAGMA schema.journal_size_limit; PRAGMA soft_heap_limit; HTH -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

Re: [sqlite] finding the number of records until a value is different

2017-12-07 Thread Kees Nuyt
(awk code): printf "INSERT INTO cputemp (epoch,ctemp) " \ "VALUES ( 0 + strftime('%%s','now'),%s);\n",cputemp This can also be done in other ways of course. Hope this helps. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-user

Re: [sqlite] Many ML emails going to GMail's SPAM

2017-11-23 Thread Kees Nuyt
ebar to page through a message and to the next unread message. No other medium allows me to consume this kind of info at such a high speed without getting RSI problems. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Unexpected echo when setting locking_mode

2017-11-18 Thread Kees Nuyt
ted reply: > >exclusive The same happens for pragma journal_mode=wal; , although it's less intrusive than locking_mode , because journal_mode will typically only be issued at database creation. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlit

Re: [sqlite] Valid characters for indentifiers

2017-11-12 Thread Kees Nuyt
On Sun, 12 Nov 2017 10:19:03 +0100, Clemens Ladisch <> wrote: > Kees Nuyt wrote: >> It conforms to the SQL standard, you can use the Postgresql docs >> as a reference. > > Actually, neither SQLite nor PostgreSQL conform to the SQL standard. >

Re: [sqlite] Valid characters for indentifiers

2017-11-11 Thread Kees Nuyt
If you want to use a keyword (or an otherwise invalid word) as an identifier, you have to quote it. SQLite has its own lost of keywords. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list sqlite-users

Re: [sqlite] shell.c no longer in SCM [WAS: [sqlite-announce] Version 3.21.0]

2017-10-25 Thread Kees Nuyt
briefly describe what sources shell.c is now generated > from? That is ./src/ . Have a look at ./ for the dependencies. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list http://mailinglists.sq

Re: [sqlite] Sqlite3.6 Command-line delete/update not working with large db file(>280GB)

2017-10-16 Thread Kees Nuyt
On Sun, 15 Oct 2017 18:36:56 -0700 (MST), Fiona wrote: > Thanks for noticing that problem! Follow your instructions, now I'm sure > it's all because my db file is corrupted. Is there anything I can do to fix > it? > > Integrity check result: >

Re: [sqlite] Sqlite3.6 Command-line delete/update not working with large db file(>280GB)

2017-10-15 Thread Kees Nuyt
mn list, in ascending order of expected size. HTH -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Sqlite3.6 Command-line delete/update not working with large db file(>280GB)

2017-10-13 Thread Kees Nuyt
OB , PRIMARY KEY (tile_id)); -- could be faster -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] XOR operator

2017-10-09 Thread Kees Nuyt > -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Need help with SQL query

2017-09-22 Thread Kees Nuyt
TEXT, >VALUE TEXT, >PRIMARY KEY (ITEM_ID,KEY) > ) WITHOUT ROWID; > >John G Yes, you are right. I didn't pay enough attention typing that code. My apologies for any confusion that may have caused. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt >On 11 September 2017 at 13:11, Kees Nuyt <k.n...@

Re: [sqlite] Create table - Error code: 21

2017-09-21 Thread Kees Nuyt
); sqlite> select ROWID,id,tx from t1; -- ROWID not aliased 1|3|t1 sqlite> select ROWID,id,tx from t2; -- aliased as intended. 3|3|t2 sqlite> I'm afraid I don't have an answer to your original question. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt __

Re: [sqlite] 'database disk image is malformed' only on the mac

2017-09-21 Thread Kees Nuyt
and > sqlite3_finalize on all the cached statements). In case the reference count > is't 0, the connection is kept alive. [...] HTH -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Need help with SQL query

2017-09-11 Thread Kees Nuyt

Re: [sqlite] Need help with SQL query

2017-09-11 Thread Kees Nuyt
Foreign key constraints are only enforced when PRAGMA foreign_keys=on; is executed after opening the database, before any INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statement is issued. HTH -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] acf3b9cc9c3932431979995a1dceacc06c659ab400fad95ce3728ff8895a022b : Off by one on the column names

2017-07-09 Thread Kees Nuyt
>2|3 Solved in === 2017-07-09 === 18:55:29 [70096c505d] *CURRENT* Always make "column%d" column-names 1-based, never 0-based. (user: drh tags: trunk) -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] table-naming-expression impact on sqlite3_prepare

2017-03-26 Thread Kees Nuyt
mean: eval(printf('create table %s (a,b,c)',(select tablename from mytables))); It's something that can be done by any host language. No need to implement that in SQL. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list sqlite-users@mailinglis

Re: [sqlite] foreign key cardinality

2017-02-28 Thread Kees Nuyt
enced column be one such column. The shall be considered to implic- itly specify a that is identical to that . 3) The table constraint descriptor describing the whose identifies the referenced columns shall indicate that the unique constraint is not deferr

Re: [sqlite] How to circumvent UNIQUE constraint

2017-01-21 Thread Kees Nuyt
M desktops) - 1, 'thevalue',thewaitseconds); -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Insert into with Id...

2017-01-14 Thread Kees Nuyt
t; I can send to you. That depends on the answers to my questions above. > Thanks in advance, > > Ing. Héctor F. Fiandor Rosario Hope this helps, -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Exiting SQLite3 from within a (.bat) file

2017-01-13 Thread Kees Nuyt
ch file has the following commands: > cls > SOE_sort.exe %1 > sqlite3.exe -init SOE_sortRC.sqliterc Try: cls SOE_sort.exe %1 sqlite3.exe A script as redirected input _does_ execute .quit, it even exits wit

Re: [sqlite] Foreign key error...

2017-01-08 Thread Kees Nuyt
something important here? The error message is quite informative: the artist table does not have a column trackartist. Try: select artistname, trackname from artist inner join track on trackartist = artistid; HTH -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Simplify multiple use of value in a trigger

2017-01-07 Thread Kees Nuyt
m = 1 + (SELECT _160m FROM mx_state WHERE > state = s) WHERE state = s AND c = 'Mexico'; > UPDATE ca_prov SET _160m = 1 + (SELECT _160m FROM ca_prov WHERE > prov = s) WHERE prov = s AND c = 'Canada'; > UPDATE world SET _160m = 1 + (SELEC

Re: [sqlite] pragma integrity_check doesn't check constraints without indices

2016-10-17 Thread Kees Nuyt
yes, all bets are off. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Trigger WHEN condition, comparing with null

2016-10-13 Thread Kees Nuyt
On Thu, 13 Oct 2016 11:45:14 +0200, Daniel Polski <> wrote: That's because the expression in the WHEN clause (new.value != old.value) is not valid when one of them is NULL. HTH -- Regards, Kees Nuyt >Hello, >I guess there is something I'm missing


2016-08-22 Thread Kees Nuyt
atures > That SQLite Does Not Implement" and it is not in "SQL As Understood > By SQLite"; kind of a grey area, in my mind, for future support. Well,SQLite is supposed to be "lightweight", so I wouldn't count on future support. Pl

Re: [sqlite] Locking databases - Possibly (probably?) a dumb question

2016-08-20 Thread Kees Nuyt
> 3) Issue "PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL" > 4) Close the file > > From that point onwards that database is in WAL mode > and everything opening it automatically knows that. > You do the above sequence using your own software > or the SQLite command-line shell tool. > >

Re: [sqlite] Conversion failure

2016-06-23 Thread Kees Nuyt
st.htm > Will this help? Hope this helps. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

[sqlite] Podcast with Dr Hipp: SQLite history, success and funding

2016-05-18 Thread Kees Nuyt
gi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fossil-users Several mailing list archives carry this list, e.g.: at -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Podcast with Dr Hipp: SQLite history, success and funding

2016-05-17 Thread Kees Nuyt
n - the journal of the database you are overwriting (if any) is removed. > i'll ber very grateful > Sincerely yours > Hashim -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] How to get 1 row with no null columns

2016-05-11 Thread Kees Nuyt
r application could compose the WHERE clause using the output from PRAGMA table_info(AnyTable) to iterate over all columns. > Thanks, > -Bill -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] output from sqlite3 .dump not going where I expected

2016-05-08 Thread Kees Nuyt
ard slash as an option character (copy /b ..., dir /s ... etc.). "C:/a/valid/path/file.txt" will do fine. -- Kind Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] .DUMP output compatibility

2016-05-07 Thread Kees Nuyt
ils and -- Regards, Kees Nuyt >-Original Message- >From: Richard Hipp >Sent: Friday, May 06, 2016 1:55 AM >To: SQLite mailing list >Subject: Re: [sqlite] .DUMP output compatibility > >On 5/5/16, Tony Papadimitriou wrote: >> Is it p

[sqlite] autoincrement

2016-04-13 Thread Kees Nuyt
equence sqlite> SELECT * FROM sqlite_sequence; t2|2 sqlite> Hope this helps >> >> On Wed, Apr 13, 2016 at 4:54 AM, Igor Korot wrote: >>> Hi, >>> Is it possible to get whether the column is set to autoincrement or not? >>> >>> PRAGMA table_info() does not give such info... >>> >>> Thank you. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] "Circular" order by

2016-03-11 Thread Kees Nuyt
; SELECT Value,2 FROM List WHERE SomeIndex <> :1 >) ORDER BY Ord, V That is not needed, as says: "The ORDER BY clause [] In a compound SELECT statement, only the last or right-most simple SELECT may have an ORDER BY clause. That ORDER BY clause will apply across all elements of the compound. If the right-most element of a compound SELECT is a VALUES clause, then no ORDER BY clause is allowed on that statement." > Easy enough, but alas!, the amount of places I have to go and change... :) HTH ;) -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Multithreaded SQLite

2016-03-10 Thread Kees Nuyt
in separated transactions. You'd have to give every thread its own connection to make them independent with respect to transaction context. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Encrypt the SQL query

2016-02-26 Thread Kees Nuyt
lmost correct, you also have to buy a perpetual license for the proprietary SEE extension: -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] NuGet problem

2016-02-18 Thread Kees Nuyt
n, and they really look rather different. If all you need is the sqlite3 C API, the Precompiled Binaries for Windows on the download page provide just that: -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] a sqlite database error

2016-02-04 Thread Kees Nuyt
s to be more specific. - What program did you use? SQLite command line tool? - What SQL statement did you execute when the error occured? - What was the exact error message? - What is the schema of the database? - Any other related circumstances you can think of. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Performance issue with CTE

2015-10-01 Thread Kees Nuyt
is obsolete but still works) -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Odd download file names

2015-09-29 Thread Kees Nuyt
ct you can have multiple checkouts at the same time, each in a dedicated directory, each for a different point on the timeline, selected by the ?VERSION? (sha1-hash or symbolic name) of the checkin/commit you want to follow. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Odd download file names

2015-09-29 Thread Kees Nuyt
qlite3 sqlite3.c \ ../../src/sqlite3/src/shell.c make sqlite3_analyzer Your build can grab the version in the generated sqlite3.h in the build directory: #define SQLITE_VERSION"3.8.12" #define SQLITE_VERSION_NUMBER 3008012 #define SQLITE_SOURCE_ID "2015-09-26 17:44:59 33404b2029120d4aabe1e25d484871810777e934" Hope this helps. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Any database unique ID across multiple connections ?

2015-09-24 Thread Kees Nuyt
I need the same about >":memory:" databases, bad things are gonna to happen) >Maybe there is already a database identifier in the SQLite API and I missed it >? I think is applicable. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] vdbeUnbind return occasionally Error

2015-09-21 Thread Kees Nuyt
of RAM. What could I do here in order to free > memory after sqlite3_step() for further operations. The simplest way to reduce memory footprint is to tune page_size and cache_size with the apropriate PRAGMAs. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] How to know when a sqlite3_stmt has been recompiled ?

2015-09-19 Thread Kees Nuyt
qlite3_exec(db, "ALTER TABLE test ADD COLUMN data DEFAULT >'missing'", NULL, NULL, NULL); >... >rc = sqlite3_step(stmt); >// how to know that the column count is not good anymore ? -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Query

2015-09-03 Thread Kees Nuyt
I think you are looking for: INSERT INTO employee (eid,name) VALUES (3,'manash'),(2.'ram'),(1,'rahim'); -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] order by not working in combination with random()

2015-08-28 Thread Kees Nuyt
recursive query in SQB take 6 min, > on other IDEs it would be less than 2 min. > > My $0.02 For exactly that reason I would advise everyone to use the sqlite3 command line tool for performance comparisons in this mailing list. -- Regards, Cordialement, Groet, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Is this a bug ? How to rename a table and all dependencies ?

2015-08-22 Thread Kees Nuyt
e it), but in my opinion it does not belong in the core engine that SQLite is. It's lite for good reasons. It even would be fine to me if all ALTER TABLE features would be removed. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Enhance the SELECT statement?

2015-08-17 Thread Kees Nuyt
3 (seqno INTEGER PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL); WITH RECURSIVE generate AS ( SELECT 1 AS seqno UNION ALL SELECT seqno+1 FROM generate WHERE seqno < 10) INSERT INTO table_of_i3 (seqno) SELECT seqno FROM generate ORDER BY seqno; PRAGMA table_info(table_of_i3); .dump -- Regards, Cordialement, Groet, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Read data from database slow the first time but then very fast thereafter. How can I improve the speed for the first time read?

2015-08-07 Thread Kees Nuyt
On Thu, 6 Aug 2015 10:17:43 -0500, John McKown wrote: > Too bad that SQLite does not implement updatable views. Sometimes a similar construct as updatable views can be obtained with an INSTEAD OF trigger. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Schema-less JSON SQLite DB?

2015-07-14 Thread Kees Nuyt
VALUES (1); INSERT INTO T1 (anint) VALUES ('two'); > I don't want to take up your time, so if there's a document I can read > about it'd be great. All docs: -- Regards, Cordialement, Groet, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Compiling sqlite as as library

2015-07-01 Thread Kees Nuyt
ite3 command line tool is build using: gcc ${CFLAGS} -o sqlite3 sqlite3.c src/shell.c More info: I hope this helps. If you need more detailed info, please reply with the specifications of your platform. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Fault on transaction begin, end, and rollback statements

2015-06-26 Thread Kees Nuyt
ed it from being overwritten with operator overloading the '=' sign. >I did this to ensure the safety of the prepared sqlite3_stmt*. Is there any chance the statement is _step()ped, _finalize()d and then re-used? To be able to use a statement multiple times, it should not be finalized but rather _reset(). >Thank you for your help, >Ch? HTH -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Problems in reading a record containing a blob

2015-06-20 Thread Kees Nuyt
the app on, but it does not work on > the seventh tablet with the same OS version? > * What is the solution to this problem? Check free RAM before extracting an image. Maybe: run garbage collection and/or push other apps to background. -- Regards, Cordialement, Groet, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] in Linux system, 2 threads can access 2 separate databases (created by sqlite3) through sqlite3?

2015-05-22 Thread Kees Nuyt
; miles zhang > 2015-05-21 -- Regards, Kees Nuyt


2015-05-21 Thread Kees Nuyt
On Thu, 21 May 2015 12:45:41 +0200, "Christoph P.U. Kukulies" wrote: >Am 21.05.2015 um 10:00 schrieb Kees Nuyt: >> On Thu, 21 May 2015 09:40:53 +0200, "Christoph P.U. Kukulies" >> wrote: >> >>> Am 21.05.2015 um 09:25 schrieb Hick Gunter: &

[sqlite] AUTOINC vs. UUIDs

2015-05-20 Thread Kees Nuyt
_sequence table. $ sqlite3 t2.sqlite SQLite version 3.8.11 2015-05-20 00:15:27 Enter ".help" for usage hints. sqlite> create table t(id integer primary key autoincrement, tx text); sqlite> insert into t (tx) values ('one'),('two'); sqlite> select * from sqlite_sequence; t|2 sqlite> -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Limit size of write-ahead log file

2015-05-19 Thread Kees Nuyt
ckpoint=N; and PRAGMA database.wal_checkpoint(); ? -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Multiple Prepared Statements

2015-05-09 Thread Kees Nuyt
he statement, you can just _reset() it to finish the _step() loop and keep the statement around for reuse (with new bindings) later. _reset() will free the resources that are allocated at the first _step(). -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] sqlite3 and Unicode

2015-05-05 Thread Kees Nuyt
74 31 22 020 20 56 41 4c 55 45 53 28 31 2c 27 c3 a9 c3 a9 6e 040 27 29 3b 0a 044 -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Did A Recent Windows & Update Affect SQLite???

2015-04-02 Thread Kees Nuyt
room * Exclude directories with sqlite databases / Lightroom catalogs from all viruscanners. If that is not possible, (temporarily) disable all real-time virusscanners -- Regards, Kees Nuyt

[sqlite] Releasing a read (SHARED) lock

2015-03-13 Thread Kees Nuyt
the state/context of a statement. Aditionally, any BEGIN TRANSACTION should be paired with a COMMIT or ROLLBACK. >Cheers, > > - Barry -- Regards, Cordialement, Groet, Kees Nuyt

Re: [sqlite] Bug in SQLite FLOAT values

2015-02-07 Thread Kees Nuyt
atitude: 1.234568, longitude: 5.678901 sqlite> Hope this helps. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] Uncached performance

2015-01-08 Thread Kees Nuyt
=something_larger_than_default; PRAGMA cache_size= .. ; -- Regards, Kees Nuyt ___ sqlite-users mailing list

Re: [sqlite] querying with BLOB in WHERE clause, possible?

2014-11-14 Thread Kees Nuyt
VALUES (1,x'313131'); sqlite> INSERT INTO T VALUES (2,x'323232'); sqlite> UPDATE T SET bl=x'33' WHERE bl=x'323232'; sqlite> SELECT * FROM t; 1|111 2|333 sqlite> DELETE FROM t WHERE bl=x'313131'; sqlite> SELECT * FROM t; 2|333 sqlite> >Thank you, >Jozsef Hope this helps.

Re: [sqlite] Access Temp Tables/Views in background thread

2014-10-28 Thread Kees Nuyt
t; on a concurrent dispatch queue. Are you sure the temp objects are accessed via the same connection (db object) as where they were created? > Is there a better multi-threaded approach? I'll leave that to someone more experienced in threading. -- Regards, Kees Nuyt __

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