You wrote..."does help restore tissue"... I believe you will find EIS only 
works on open wounds etc.  Once a scar has formed it's too late to regenerate 
cells so as to allow new tissue to form.  The growing or tissue regeneration 
phase is past, the wound has already healed leaving the scar, there is nothing 
to repair.


From: Nenah Sylver <>
Sent: Monday, 12 February 2018 9:32 PM
Subject: CS>Was: kidney failure; Is: SCARS

RaVen wrote: Another question, is C.S. good for removing scars? I have a fresh 
scar from last month that still smarts - sensitive nerves won't let up... will 
applying C.S. stop the pain and reduce the red scar? I don't remember reading 
anything about C.S. for scars.


CS does help restore tissue; I’ve read plenty of reports from users and the 
literature also states that cells regenerate. However, you can also use Vitamin 
E. I would break open capsules and cover with gauze or band-aids.

A friend, when younger, was working on a car radiator with his buddy when 
something exploded and boiling hot water spewed into the guy’s face. He was 
covered with severe burns. My friend’s father immediately brought out Vitamin E 
capsules which they broke open and poured on the guy’s face. He survived 
without any marks on his face.


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