RaVen... pretty sure DMSO will help the discomfort of your scar and I think it 
also helpful with scars?  Maybe someone else can address the scarring/DMSO.Just 
be sure to dilute it with distilled water and only use glass utensils.Lola 
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Thanks Neville and Sandee for your reply. Appreciate the input and absolutely 
no disclaimer. The challenge is trying to persuade my friend to try alternative 
remedies. Plus he does not have any financial means to buy his own CS equipment 
and make it. He's still waiting to get in the hospital. 
Silly but fun discovery: today I was organizing a customer's cluttered bathroom 
closet. (I'm also a Professional Organizer)... andI spotted she had a blue 
glass bottle of a (store bought, oh well) Colloidal Silver! How neat and how so 
Another question, is C.S. good for removing scars? I have a fresh scar from 
last month that still smarts - sensitive nerves won't let up... will applying 
C.S. stop the pain and reduce the red scar? I don't remember reading anything 
about C.S. for scars. 
Cheers to all, 

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I'm certainly not qualified to answer this, BIG DISCLAIMER HERE, but, and I 
don't know if on dialysis or not (yet), so, being as I live in my world (they 
know me there), I would be ingesting a small amount of *home made*
 EIS and swirl it around under the tongue for a while before swallowing each 
morning before food.  Not the shop bought 'Colloidal Silver' product though.
I imagine a hospital/medicos is/are monitoring anyway, so any noticeable change 
should/would be picked up fairly quick I'd say.  Nothing to lose I'd be 
thinking.  EIS is NON toxic, so you have nothing to lose really by
 trying a small amount each day and observe.  My philosophy on a personal level 
is...If I never, never go, I'll never, never know.
But that's me.

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Subject: CS>CS & kidney/renal failure 
Hi all
Is CS safe for patients with renal failure?
My friend who lives in Ireland is struggling to get medical care due to entire 
island collapsing. So hospitals are overflowing with sick patients but not 
enough beds. My friend is dying and i am so worried for his life.Does colloidal 
silver help or is it too hard for those with renal failure? This is an 
unfamiliar health area for me. 

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