Thanks, everyone, for all of your suggestions.
I just discovered the scar on my face was infected! Now the scar looks like
it's back to its normal size.
Time to make more home brewed CS. I'll use coconut oil to see if the
inflammation will be reduced.

Thanks everyone.


On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 12:39 PM, Sandee George <> wrote:

> Hi there Nenah, I have found coco butter or fat, to be able to handle the
> decrease in scarring regardless how old the scar maybe, I know because I
> had a bad accident in Spain in the 50s and I used it on that scar to reduce
> the scarring and today you can hardly see any scar on my leg !!!!    Be
> blessed, I love Nevilles idea if you do not try something you will never
> know !!!!    In other words follow you intuition at all times !!!!!
> Peace, love and hugs
> SandeešŸ¬
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