I have to say Sandee, that was known many years ago.  Everything they 
"research?" today is old hat, but the "original" Researchers had been closed 
down, research burned, facilities destroyed, funding cut etc etc so people will 
never know who they were, especially the young punks today, just like they will 
never know what true fruit tastes like with all the GMO'd stuff.  Nowadays they 
make it sound like it's breakthrough new ideas, but they are not, they are 
riding on the shirt tails of someone else's research years ago which were shut 
up for one reason or another.  Researchers today must conform to an agenda set 
by Mainstream and the Establishment.  People don't think, reason and or 
question anymore.


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Neville for what it is worth, evidently they are finding out with research that 
EIS does regenerate tissue and in fact they have just admitted that it repairs 
the myelin sheath around the nerves which is attacked by an auto-immune system 
dysfunction like MS for example, they are also using it in the stem cell 
regeneration research as well !!!!    So as more and more come to light is the 
more important it is for the use of EIS!!!!!       I love your statement of - 
If I never, never go, I'll never, never know.
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