Just started testing WAL feature and have some questions

regarding PRAGMA journal_mode;
Should =WAL affects only current session, or all following sessions until
=DELETE performed? As long as I see it keeps the state, I concluded it from
the following facts
- prior versions of sqlite refuse to accept the db (as the doc says),
- shm, wal files exists
- 18, 19 offset numbers are 2.
But at the same time PRAGMA journal_mode; reported "wal" when wal was
changed (it's ok) and "delete" after reopening the db (for me it is
unexpected behavior). I used sqlite-snapshot-201007060929.zip

- About vfs. Is it ok to implement version 2 of the interfaces and supply it
to older versions? So if the structures contain iVersion=2, will all prior
versions of sqlite3 accept it?


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