I read this sentence, but it didn't help.
So I suppose there's a bug in PRAGMA journal_mode logic
Steps to reproduce.

1. Create an empty base with some table.
Look at the 18,19 offsets, they both = 1, it's ok, the base is compatible
with full range of sqlite3 versions.

2. Do PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL; , it returns wal, so WAL is set.
Look at the 18,19 offsets, they both = 2, the base no longer compatible with
older versions, checking... yes, they say "encrypted" or something.
Query PRAGMA journal_mode; alone (just to check not set) , it still says
"wal", ok

3. Close the database. offsets 18,19 still = 2, so the WAL setting are kept
between sessions.

4. Open the db again, offsets 18,19 still = 2,
query PRAGMA journal_mode; it says  "delete", but definetely should return


On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 12:09 AM, Alexey Pechnikov <>wrote:

> See :
> <>"An SQLite database _connection_
> defaults
> to journal_mode=DELETE. To convert to WAL mode, use the following
> pragma: PRAGMA journal_mode=WAL;"
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