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> So all his current code base works once it started using this version of
> sqlite, but consequently small (or maybe large part) of his bases becomes
> WAL-enabled (number 2 in the file format). The latter may appear because of
> his own WAL-On without WAL-Off or WAL-On with unexpected program
> interruption. Everything is ok, until these bases have to be
> distributed/used in other enviroments, that probably use lower than 3.7
> versions of sqlite3, so it stops working claming about unknown file format.

Correct.  Older versions of SQLite cannot read or write a database file that
has a non-empty WAL, since older versions of SQLite do not know what to do
with the WAL.  There is nothing really we can do about this, other than not
provide WAL as an option.

D. Richard Hipp
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