> You want "PRAGMA main.journal_mode"
> A "PRAGMA journal_mode;" (without the "main.") shows you the default
> journal
> mode used by newly created databases, which is always "DELETE" unless you
> have changed it with a prior "PRAGMA journal_mode=MODE" command.
> Though, I will admit, this is confusing, and I was thinking last night
> about
> ways we could possibly change it....

Thanks for pointing out. I have two observations
- According to docs this was present for ages so it's a shame on me not to
knowing it in the first place. So probably it should stay as it is now.

- But this is the first time when this important pragma really affects the
sqlite file format and what it more important, not only for current session.
You probably had reasons for implementing WAL the way it is now, but
imagine, this setting once changed don't remind of itself for the developer.
So all his current code base works once it started using this version of
sqlite, but consequently small (or maybe large part) of his bases becomes
WAL-enabled (number 2 in the file format). The latter may appear because of
his own WAL-On without WAL-Off or WAL-On with unexpected program
interruption. Everything is ok, until these bases have to be
distributed/used in other enviroments, that probably use lower than 3.7
versions of sqlite3, so it stops working claming about unknown file format.
I think it's a potential way of new wave of mass bug/missing reporting or
simply confusion

I may exaggerate, I suggest other participants of the list share their


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