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> > Remove the WAL mode from "PRAGMA journal_mode".  The journal_mode pragma
> > only specifies the various rollback journal modes.  Enable the WAL using
> a
> > separate pragma such as  "PRAGMA wal=ON; PRAGMA wal=OFF;"
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> It's more clean I think. With wal=on and journal_mode=delete SQLite may
> delete WAL journal before the last connection is closed and so provide
> backward compability (of cource, only new SQLite versions can restore the
> crashed databases). With wal=on and journal_mode=persist SQLite may use
> persistent WAL journal without backward compability reasons.

In the current implementation, if you call "PRAGMA wal_checkpoint" just
prior to closing the database, the WAL file will be deleted automatically.
But it keeps the database in WAL mode, so the WAL is recreated the next time
you open and write to the database.

D. Richard Hipp
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