Second Proposed Change:

> Remove the WAL mode from "PRAGMA journal_mode".  The journal_mode pragma
> only specifies the various rollback journal modes.  Enable the WAL using a
> separate pragma such as  "PRAGMA wal=ON; PRAGMA wal=OFF;"
> Thoughts?  Comments?  Other suggestions?
Maybe it's not the right time, but can it be implemented with separated
pragma as your second proposed change but with more options like OFF,
PERSISTENT, TEMPORAL. Still thinking about the fact that WAL being a new
software feature and actually becomes a new file format change, the latter
option can solve this (if it's technically possible and not hard to append
of course). The logic can be like this, if WAL=TEMPORAL, the first
reader/writer that accesses the base makes the changes to 18,19 bytes (=2)
allowing it and following reader/writers work in WAL mode and the last
reader/writer that closes the base, reverts it back (=1) allowing the file
format stays the same. Sure there are possible cases when the format still
changed (for example unexpected program end), but the next successful
open/close will fix this.

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