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> 2010/7/8 Richard Hipp <d...@sqlite.org>
> > In the current implementation, if you call "PRAGMA wal_checkpoint" just
> > prior to closing the database, the WAL file will be deleted automatically.
> > But it keeps the database in WAL mode, so the WAL is recreated the next
> > time you open and write to the database.
> It's not helpful for backward compability. How about version downgrade of
> the Android or some other mobile OS and as result impossibility to open any
> SQLite database?..

  That's not backwards compatibility (newer versions working with items
  from older environments), that's forwards compatibility (older versions
  working new items from a newer environment).
  It is no different than a new(er) application that uses newer APIs
  not working on an older version of the OS.  If you want the ability
  to do this, don't use new features (or turn it off every time you
  close the database).


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