Robert Kaiser wrote:
Ed Mullen wrote:
Robert Kaiser wrote:
Ed Mullen wrote:
2. In my userChrome.css file is the following:

/* Kill bookmark icons in the Personal Toolbar */
toolbarbutton.bookmark-item > .toolbarbutton-icon {
display: none;
/* END Kill bookmark icons in the Personal Toolbar */

which turns off the icons in the Personal Toolbar which, again, I
need in order to save space. Been using this one for a long time too
it no longer works. I wonder if the Personal Toolbar's name has been
changed in the code which would account for this.

Could you please file a bug that the personal toolbar doesn't respect
the toolbar icon/test mode controls? I think that if you select the
personal toolbar to be text-only, the personal toolbar items should
follow that.

Robert Kaiser

See my reply to Stanimir - adding "!important" to my rule fixed it.

Were you referring to: Edit - Preferences - Appearance - "Show toolbars
as" ? I tried setting that to Text Only but that only makes the other
toolbar buttons go away (as I expected), it didn't affect the Personal
Toolbar. If you think this is a bug I'm happy to file a report. However,
it never worked that way before so perhaps it shouldn't change now?

I did refer to right click on the toolbar (outside of the actual
bookmark items, as they have a separate context menu) > Settings for
this toolbar - as that should set the mode for this specific toolbar.
The preference only applies to primary toolbars.

Robert Kaiser

Interesting. The only place I could right-click on the Personal Toolbar to get that particular pop-up menu was the collapse widget at the left of the toolbar. Anyplace else (other than on an actual bookmark) gives a different pop-up menu (New Folder, Sort Folder, Sort Folder by Name etc.).

I tried checking the "Text" option. Nothing happened. I closed and re-started SM. The check was still there - and so were the icons. So, I guess this IS a bug, yes? If so I'll file it.

Ed Mullen
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