Ed Mullen wrote:
Philip Chee wrote:
On Wed, 17 Dec 2008 14:39:39 +0100, Robert Kaiser wrote:
Philip Chee wrote:
It's not a bug in the sense that I copied the Firefox CSS which did:

/* Prevent [mode="icons"|"text"] from hiding the label and icon */
#bookmarks-ptf .bookmark-item>   .toolbarbutton-text,
#bookmarks-ptf .bookmark-item>   .toolbarbutton-icon {
    display: -moz-box !important;
I think we should actually hide the icon in test mode at least - not
Sounds reasonable.

sure if it makes sense the other way round (hiding the text in the icon
Yeah that would cause a lot of confusion, well until we get a
faviconService anyway.

Also not sure about icon size.

Uh? *LARGE* icon size for the bookmark items sounds really really terrible.

Yeah, I'll say!  :-)

I suggest that having Personal Toolbar icons off by default is preferable. The text hover state adequately shows me if the text is a single bookmark/link or a folder by the different representations. A folder is shown as a raised button, a link is underlined. Perfectly adequate. And not having the superfluous icons saves a ton of space. There are some images here that demonstrate how I set up my PTB and how I take advantage of that extra space:


sorry to say, but I disagree. Icons should be on by default. I've got lots of favicons with no text. I just look at the icon and I know what is about.

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