On Tue, 16 Dec 2008 03:31:59 +0100, Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Ed Mullen wrote:
>> 2. In my userChrome.css file is the following:
>> /* Kill bookmark icons in the Personal Toolbar */
>> toolbarbutton.bookmark-item > .toolbarbutton-icon {
>> display: none;
>> }
>> /* END Kill bookmark icons in the Personal Toolbar */
>> which turns off the icons in the Personal Toolbar which, again, I really
>> need in order to save space. Been using this one for a long time too and
>> it no longer works. I wonder if the Personal Toolbar's name has been
>> changed in the code which would account for this.
> Could you please file a bug that the personal toolbar doesn't respect 
> the toolbar icon/test mode controls? I think that if you select the 
> personal toolbar to be text-only, the personal toolbar items should 
> follow that.

It's not a bug in the sense that I copied the Firefox CSS which did:

/* Prevent [mode="icons"|"text"] from hiding the label and icon */
#bookmarks-ptf .bookmark-item > .toolbarbutton-text,
#bookmarks-ptf .bookmark-item > .toolbarbutton-icon {
  display: -moz-box !important;

***Note: The Personal Toolbar *does* respect the icon size/mode
controls. It's only the *bookmark-items* widget that (currently)
doesn't. Neil did ask me about this but he gave a r+ afterwards.


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