On 03/25/2009 01:17 AM, Lester Caine wrote:

> Since the important stuff IS working, I thought I'd just ignore these 
> problems despite the fact that we can't update the anti virus, but I'm 
> also having a problem getting email working. It will not connect to the 
> email server.
> THIS flagged up one thing which may be relevant. The customer is using 
> AOL which I have had problems with in the past, and it seems that 
> 'talk-talk' are taking over and moving customers. So I'm wondering if 
> something relating to THAT is now screwing up normal operation :(
> So much for doing someone a 'quick favour'!

What you are seeing is more than likely the aftereffects of the
virus/trojan/bot - or you haven't completely eradicated it. What was the
name of it? Some of the latest nasties out there are designed
specifically to block those sites and keep the AV from updating/working.

I'd recommend: booting into safe mode & running your AV/AS tools from
there. And then boot with a startup CD and go through the machine again.
BitDefender (http://www.bitdefender.com/) has one that is based on
Knoppix (linux) that you can download from here:

burn the iso to a CD & then boot the machine from that CD.

BD also have a very nice linux package:
that you can use to install. Then connect to the infected windows drive
and run scans on it.

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