>>Lester Caine wrote:
>>>[...]trying to update the pctools anti virus fails, and
>>>following the link in seamonkey also fails.
Lester Caine wrote:
>[...]The reason for going to the site
>was because the on-line anti-virus update was failing.
>THAT was when I found that seamonkey was having trouble,
>but the problem is not seamonkey
> - it's something deeper inside pigging windows.
>[. . .]
>So much for doing someone a 'quick favour'!

The biggest favor you can do for Windoze users is
1) Back up their data.
2) Wipe the drive clean (*NOT *just* a FORMAT
  --FDISK the partition to get any boot sector viruses).
3) Fresh install of Windoze and apps.
4) Having bought an _additional_ hard drive,
   image the fresh install to that HDD and put it in a closet.
   When you have problems again,
   restore the clean image to the problematic system.

Installing an OS that isn't easily infected
would be an even bigger favor.
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