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Lester Caine wrote:
I've got Seamonkey on an XP(SP3) machine and it's running fine EXCEPT. It's not displaying some websites. Googel and ask come up fine, but when I select www.pctools.com it seems to be saying the domain does not exist, jet the same search and link works fine on the machine next door.

There was a trojan on the machine which I've cleared out amd the disk is now fine, but trying to update the pctools anti virus fails, and following the link in seamonkey also fails. Seems to be 'selective amnesia' in relation to some IP addresses, but the firewall is off and I've even booted with all the start-up stuff disabled so all I'm running is seamonkey :(

I just spent an afternoon cleaning a viral infection from a friend's system which had the same symptoms after the trojan was removed. Seems it silently installed a browser extension which redirects attempts to access certain anti-virus sites. Search Google for GooredFix for further information.

Not having any pigging windows disks for the machine, I ended up hitting it with 'HP Recovery', and to my surprise it worked reasonably well. Only taken 2 days to put back all the windows updates and restore the programs it missed - so now can I charge the customer for two days time? A brand new machine would be cheaper these days ;)

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