Lester Caine wrote:
>Not having any pigging windows disks for the machine,
>I ended up hitting it with 'HP Recovery',
>and to my surprise it worked reasonably well.
>Only taken 2 days to put back all the windows updates
>and restore the programs it missed
> - so now can I charge the customer for two days time?
>A brand new machine would be cheaper these days ;)

This is why a supporter of a Windoze user needs to wipe the HDD
and restore from a disk image made before the box was ever used.
Any other way is wasted time
--with no assurance that some exploit isn't left behind.

...and to those who say "I've never gotten THAT infected",
I say "Prove that you're not infected right now".

Windoze is an open wound just waiting to be infected.
The wise move would be to convince your client
that he should be using
an OS that is significantly less likely to be infected.

...or set up a VIRTUAL environment where the malware goes *poof*
when you close the virtual session.
(The host OS should be a *nix variant.)

...or hover over his shoulder constantly saying "Don't do that".
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