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I've always used the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files. But recently I installed the Foxit reader in order to take advantage of their typing feature to fill out PDF forms. I still kept the Adobe reader as my default PDF reader.

However, since downloading Foxit, now whenever I get a PDF file in my email as an attachment, and when I click links to PDF files within the SeaMonkey browser, it is opening the documents in Foxit (within the browser). I want it to open them in Adobe, within the browser, like it used to before I downloaded Foxit.

How can I get that set back?

Thanks for your help!

reinstall adobe

I was running Adobe Reader version 8. I just uninstalled it and upgraded to (installed) version 9.1...the latest version, and SeaMonkey is still opening my PDFs in Foxit. Is there some setting I'm missing somewhere?

yes, there's a setting somewhere in adobe preferences, and I don't know right now what it is.

The only setting regarding browsers I see in Adobe and Foxit are "Open documents in browser." I have it checked for Adobe, and un-checked in Foxit. SeaMonkey-related PDF's are still opening within the browser with Foxit. Is there something I need to reset within SeaMonkey preferences or helper applications or something???

Try makeing Adobe your default program for opening .pdf files. It is an Adobe Reader preference.

Do you know where that preference is set? I went all though the Adobe
Reader options, and can't find anything like that.

When you open Adobe Reader, does it give you a message aboout not being your default .pdf reader? If it does, select make Adobe Reader my default to open a .pdf. If it does not, try setting file associations in Windows. From a folder, TOOLS -> FILE TYPES -> Scroll down to PDF. It tells you what a .pdf opens with. You can try to CHANGE it to Adobe Reader. If you do this and Seamonkey works the way you want it, you are set except that when you open a .pdf from outside Seamonkey you will use Adobe Reader instead of Foxit.

Does this help?
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