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Here's some info from my Charter User's Forum at BBR that may be useful:

Almont, MI
┬ĚCharter Pipeline

        reply to Nikkor @ Port 25

Yes, port 25 into and out of the Charter network is blocked for residential

It is not blocked internal to Charter's network, allowing full access to the
Charter SMTP server.

This means that you cannot run your own SMTP server or access the SMTP
servers of other ISPs on port 25 from inside the Charter network.

Either use Charter's SMTP server or determine what alternate (and secure)
ports are available for your use on your alternate ISP.

I know you were just repasting what you found on the forum, but FWIW I
am on Charter and have been using non-charter SMTP servers on port 25
every day for years and haven't had any of them blocked so far.

Yes, it apparently varies by region, I just wasn't sure if that might be part of my problem now. Although, when everyone starting posting about that problem at BBR, I had never had any problems with it.

Thanks, for the info, since on Charter it's hard to know what applies, and what doesn't. :)

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