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> Here's some info from my Charter User's Forum at BBR that may be useful:
> Darkk
> Almont, MI
> ┬ĚCharter Pipeline
>        reply to Nikkor @ Port 25
> Yes, port 25 into and out of the Charter network is blocked for residential
> customers.
> It is not blocked internal to Charter's network, allowing full access to the
> Charter SMTP server.
> This means that you cannot run your own SMTP server or access the SMTP
> servers of other ISPs on port 25 from inside the Charter network.
> Either use Charter's SMTP server or determine what alternate (and secure)
> ports are available for your use on your alternate ISP.

I know you were just repasting what you found on the forum, but FWIW I
am on Charter and have been using non-charter SMTP servers on port 25
every day for years and haven't had any of them blocked so far.
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