Mark Hansen schrieb:
> On 08/13/09 15:48, chicagofan wrote:
>> Mark Hansen wrote:
>>> On 08/13/09 15:19, chicagofan wrote:
>>>> Here's some info from my Charter User's Forum at BBR that may be
>>>> useful:
>>>> Darkk Almont, MI ┬ĚCharter Pipeline
>>>> reply to Nikkor @ Port 25
>>>> Yes, port 25 into and out of the Charter network is blocked for 
>>>> residential customers.
>>>> It is not blocked internal to Charter's network, allowing full
>>>> access to the Charter SMTP server.
>>>> This means that you cannot run your own SMTP server or access the
>>>> SMTP servers of other ISPs on port 25 from inside the Charter
>>>> network.
>>>> Either use Charter's SMTP server or determine what alternate (and 
>>>> secure) ports are available for your use on your alternate ISP. 
>>>> 2008-05-19 08:04:23
>>>> bj
>>> BJ, Yes, this is normal, and not relevant to your problem. I don't 
>>> think you would get the error you're getting if you weren't talking 
>>> to their SMTP server.
>>> It sounds like you have SeaMonkey configured to use Authentication, 
>>> and Charter doesn't want that. However, as you indicate you don't 
>>> have that set, I don't know what else it could be. Perhaps you need 
>>> to set "Use Authentication", exit SeaMonkey, then restart it and 
>>> clear that selection and see if it works.
>>> To be sure we're talking about the same settings, go to Edit -> Mail
>>> & Newsgroups Account Settings, Outgoing Server (SMTP) then select
>>> your SMTP server and click on the Edit button.
>>> Under Security and Authentication, make sure "Use name and password" 
>>> is not checked. Under Use secure connection, select No.
>>> Note: I'm not using 2.0 yet, so there may be a 2.0-specific issue 
>>> here.
>>> Best Regards,
>> I thought I had tried re-setting it, but now that I think about it... I
>> didn't see any option to use "Name and Password" anywhere.  I'll check
>> that again, and  restarting SeaMonkey.    Thanks!
>> bj
> Remember that I'm not using 2.0, so your dialogs may be (and likely are)
> different. However, you should still have an option to use (or not use)
> a user name and password when communicating with the SMTP server. It
> sounds like Charter wants you to turn this off.
> Good luck.

Most dialogs are the same (luckily), that setting can be found in
SM2.0b1 there too like you described. :-)


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