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> Here's some info from my Charter User's Forum at BBR that may be useful:
> Darkk
> Almont, MI
> ┬ĚCharter Pipeline
>       reply to Nikkor @ Port 25
> Yes, port 25 into and out of the Charter network is blocked for 
> residential customers.
> It is not blocked internal to Charter's network, allowing full access to 
> the Charter SMTP server.
> This means that you cannot run your own SMTP server or access the SMTP 
> servers of other ISPs on port 25 from inside the Charter network.
> Either use Charter's SMTP server or determine what alternate (and 
> secure) ports are available for your use on your alternate ISP.
> 2008-05-19 08:04:23
> bj

BJ, Yes, this is normal, and not relevant to your problem. I don't
think you would get the error you're getting if you weren't talking
to their SMTP server.

It sounds like you have SeaMonkey configured to use Authentication,
and Charter doesn't want that. However, as you indicate you don't
have that set, I don't know what else it could be. Perhaps you need
to set "Use Authentication", exit SeaMonkey, then restart it and
clear that selection and see if it works.

To be sure we're talking about the same settings, go to Edit ->
Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings, Outgoing Server (SMTP) then
select your SMTP server and click on the Edit button.

Under Security and Authentication, make sure "Use name and password"
is not checked. Under Use secure connection, select No.

Note: I'm not using 2.0 yet, so there may be a 2.0-specific issue

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