NoOp wrote:
On 08/13/2009 05:10 PM, chicagofan wrote:

I apparently never checked the SMTP with the *Edit* function.  However,
this just gets more bizarre.  Both SM versions have Port 25 in the box
[and beside it, locked in, Default  25].  And as the Error message is
saying... there is a name and password shown for authentication.

Now tell me why my old mail program is working with identical settings?
    Never mind, I just changed the Port to 0, and removed the
authentication on the new program, and it sent that one message.  :)

I'm guessing Charter switched those settings in the old program  [in one
place] and it was OK as long as I continued to use *that* program.  I'm
saying this, because I remember it used to be 25, and I don't remember
changing it.  Could they have done that?  I forgot to say I'm on a
laptop.  I don't know what my desktop has, it's been so long since I
used it.

Thanks to everyone who has been patiently helping me!

So I reckon that we can mark this "[Resolved]" so that others don't
continue to offer additional suggestions?

Yes, I didn't know there was a protocol for that.  Thanks!

Also the Newsgroup [cross posting] message filter IS working, that you helped me with.
Thanks again!


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