Mark Hansen wrote:
On 08/14/09 21:48, DoctorBill wrote:
The SM function that remembers usernames and passwords works fine -
except for -
it waits until all the graphics and other rubbish loads up before
it pops the info into the Login boxes.

I have Dial-up and that wait can often be LONG.....

Is there a way to make SM load the info earlier - ie as soon as the
login boxes appear ?


This may not help you, but there is one particular site I need to go
to on a daily basis (several times a day) and it was quite frustrating
for me. In this case, most of the time to load the page was to load a
couple really large images. So, I told SeaMonkey to ignore images from
that site and it loads much faster.

Best Regards,

Yes - I have tried that with my Banking Site.

Problem is, they keep changing the images which zaps my ignore command.

One site I use a lot is PhotoBucket.
They now have this log-in page LOADED with images...

Like EVERYONE uses DSL or Cable....screw them hillbillies on Dial-up.
(just a useless minority group)

Very few web sites have an E-Mail Address anymore - to ask them to design a Dial-Up site.


Except for physical safety, Government Employees,
including Congressmen, Judges and the President,
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