On 08/16/09 12:16, DoctorBill wrote:
> Mark Hansen wrote:
>> On 08/14/09 21:48, DoctorBill wrote:
>>> The SM function that remembers usernames and passwords works fine -
>>> except for -
>>> it waits until all the graphics and other rubbish loads up before
>>> it pops the info into the Login boxes.
>>> I have Dial-up and that wait can often be LONG.....
>>> Is there a way to make SM load the info earlier - ie as soon as the
>>> login boxes appear ?
>>> DoctorBill
>> This may not help you, but there is one particular site I need to go
>> to on a daily basis (several times a day) and it was quite frustrating
>> for me. In this case, most of the time to load the page was to load a
>> couple really large images. So, I told SeaMonkey to ignore images from
>> that site and it loads much faster.
>> Best Regards,
> Yes - I have tried that with my Banking Site.
> Problem is, they keep changing the images which zaps my ignore command.

Huh? Can't use just block all images from the site? Go to Tools ->
Image Manager -> Block Images from this Site (or Manage Image
Permissions and do it manually).

If you still see images appear on the page, just right-click and
select Block Images from this Site. This will catch images when
they come from sites other than the bank itself.

> One site I use a lot is PhotoBucket.
> They now have this log-in page LOADED with images...

If you use the site to view images, you may not be able to block
images from the site without rendering it less than useful. However,
the images on their login page may have a URL unique enough that
you can still block them. You may want to look.
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