On 8/18/2009 8:00 AM, DoctorBill wrote:
> David E. Ross wrote:
>> On 8/17/2009 10:02 PM, DoctorBill wrote:
>>> David E. Ross wrote:
>>>> On 8/17/2009 9:32 AM, Paul Hartman wrote:
>>>>> On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 9:58 AM, Mark Hansen<m...@nospamwinfirst.com> 
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> Huh? Can't use just block all images from the site? Go to Tools ->
>>>>>> Image Manager -> Block Images from this Site (or Manage Image
>>>>>> Permissions and do it manually).
>>>>> Or just disable images entirely. There are some addons which give an
>>>>> easy on/off toggle. On Firefox there is ImgLikeOpera which lets you
>>>>> right-click to load images when desired, which I think would be
>>>>> perfect for the OP, but I don't know of a Seamonkey version.
>>>> Install the PrefBar extension from
>>>> <http://prefbar.mozdev.org/installation.html/prefbar4.2.xpi>.  Then
>>>> download and import the PrefBar "button" (actually a menulist) Image
>>>> Menulist 1.0 from
>>>> <http://prefbar.mozdev.org/buttons.html/imagemenulist.btn>.  This will
>>>> allow you to switch quickly between no images, all images, and images
>>>> only from the current domain, all from the PrefBar toolbar.
>>> I AM using PrefBar ver 1.2.13 right now.
>>> Would that button work in my version ?
>>> I am completely ignorant of these "buttons" - what are they and how do I 
>>> place a new button into my PrefBar ?
>>> Amazing !
>>> DoctorBill
>> Are you sure about your version?  I'm using v.4.2.0, but its Help
>> section is version 1.2.21.  When you right-click on the PrefBar toolbar
>> and select "Prefbar Help" or select that as a button on the toolbar, the
>> first paragraph gives the version of the help information.  The third
>> paragraph gives the version of PrefBar itself.
>> First, download Image Menulist 1.0 from
>> <http://prefbar.mozdev.org/buttons.html/imagemenulist.btn>.  Right-click
>> on the link and select Save Link Target.  Save the file to your desktop.
>> Right-click on the PrefBar toolbar and select Customize.  Select the
>> Import button.  In the file-selection window, navigate to your desktop
>> and select the imagemenulist.btn file.
>> If it installs in the Available Items list, select it and then select
>> the Add Items button to move it to the Enabled Items list.
>> Having imported the "button", you may then delete the imagemenulist.btn
>> file.
> Nope...won't load...I have to upgrade to the Newer PrefBar version.
> How would I upgrade - just install the newer version OVER my older one -
> or do I have to delete the older version.
> If so, how would I proceed ?
> DoctorBill

Just install the new version over the old one.  Any tailoring you did
with the old version should be automatically updated for the new version.

David E. Ross

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