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With Win7 not having a built-in email and newsgroup client (Outhouse Express is what I've been using), I am hunting for new client. So I'm a complete n00b to SeaMonkey, and decided to take the plunge to 2.x version straight off. I'm very much liking what I see so far.

I have also run into quite a few things with which I need help, clarification, or guidance in filing a bug report, depending on where the problem lies (n00b or SM2.x :-) ). I have searched this group and the online help, as well as the bug tracker, and haven't found the answers I seek...

Here is a summary of the items I've run into. Please let me know if you can help me and/or direct me where I should be looking, for help with each item, thank you!

4. Some dialog boxes are too tall for screen resolution and are not scrollable, can't reach the OK/Cancel buttons and/or can't reach top of the dialog. (One of my PC's is a 10" netbook, the maximum screen resolution is 1024 x 600 and even after changing my taskbar's height to smallest and properties to autohide, I still can barely drag the dialogs up off the screen enough to reach the buttons.)

Have you tried resizing these dialogs (click and drag the top edge of the title bar)? If you can, a scroll bar should appear at the right edge of the dialog and you should then be able to scroll down to the OK button. If not, tell us which dialogs and the experts should be able to offer other options.

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