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> 1.  VirusTotal service scan reports of SM installers (1.x stable and 2.x 
> beta).  Six out of 41 scanners report a downloader trojan.  I assume this is 
> from inclusion of a 'downloader helper' but it would be nice to see this in 
> writing someplace official, that there is no cause for concern here.

We use the UPX compressor to minimize the size of our installers.
Unfortunately so do a lot of malware. So many if not all AV programs
just flag all such executables as trojans and then whitelist Firefox.
Since SeaMonkey is less well known we don't get into their whitelist
very promptly or at all.

> 3.  Cannot set up the 'same' mail account to use different SMTP outgoing 
> servers.  This is working in Outhouse Express by setting up the 'same' 
> account multiple times.  I see I can change the server manually on the SM 
> account before I use it, but since I connect with different servers 
> frequently, this is a bit of a PITA.

You can set up multiple identities for each account and each identity
can have a different outgoing SMTP server.

> 5.  Some dialogs (e.g. compose) do not allow customizing the toolbar like 
> the other dialogs and screens.  I prefer small icons with text at right, as 
> this maximizes the amount of vertical real-estate available especially on my 
> netbook.  Would like that to be available for all toolbars on all dialogs.

If you are talking about the mail compose then I am currently working on
exactly this, so you should be getting customizable toolbars there
before 2.0 final.


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