Ooops forgot another:

7.  I use IMAP for my email folder access, and use "mark messages deleted" 
function rather than moving to trash.  How do I delete messages from one of 
my IMAP folders, on my demand?  I found a setting to 'clean' up the inbox on 
exit which is not what I had in mind... I'm looking for something similar to 
Outhouse Express'  Edit -> Purge Deleted Messages function.  But I cannot 
find it...?
Sue Morton

"Sue Morton" <867-5...@domain.invalid> wrote in message
> Oops forgot one.
> 6.  Windows Address Book import.  I have several address books, and none 
> are at the 'default' location in the registry.  SM 2.x does not prompt to 
> locate the WAB, it seems it automatically looks for just one WAB at the 
> default location and quits when it doesn't find one?   I can export to 
> another format and then import, but it seems odd there is no prompt to 
> locate a WAB file?  I know many users with multiple WABs so even if I had 
> one at the default location, a prompt would still be needed.
> Thanks again for any help.
> -- 
> Sue Morton
> Sue Morton wrote:
>> Hello,
>> With Win7 not having a built-in email and newsgroup client (Outhouse
>> Express is what I've been using), I am hunting for new client.  So
>> I'm a complete n00b to SeaMonkey, and decided to take the plunge to
>> 2.x version straight off.  I'm very much liking what I see so far.
>> I have also run into quite a few things with which I need help,
>> clarification, or guidance in filing a bug report, depending on where
>> the problem lies (n00b or SM2.x :-)   ).   I have searched this group
>> and the online help, as well as the bug tracker, and haven't found
>> the answers I seek...
>> Here is a summary of the items I've run into.  Please let me know if
>> you can help me and/or direct me where I should be looking, for help
>> with each item, thank you!
>> 1.  VirusTotal service scan reports of SM installers (1.x stable and
>> 2.x beta).  Six out of 41 scanners report a downloader trojan.  I
>> assume this is from inclusion of a 'downloader helper' but it would
>> be nice to see this in writing someplace official, that there is no
>> cause for concern here.
>> 2.  Newgroup using security certificate, SSL, and port 443.  Can't
>> post a reply, can only read.  Have to change the group to normal 119
>> with no certificate or SSL in order to post reply.  This is working
>> in Outhouse Express.
>> 3.  Cannot set up the 'same' mail account to use different SMTP
>> outgoing servers.  This is working in Outhouse Express by setting up
>> the 'same' account multiple times.  I see I can change the server
>> manually on the SM account before I use it, but since I connect with
>> different servers frequently, this is a bit of a PITA.
>> 4.  Some dialog boxes are too tall for screen resolution and are not
>> scrollable, can't reach the OK/Cancel buttons and/or can't reach top
>> of the dialog.  (One of my PC's is a 10" netbook, the maximum screen
>> resolution is 1024 x 600 and even after changing my taskbar's height
>> to smallest and properties to autohide, I still can barely drag the
>> dialogs up off the screen enough to reach the buttons.)
>> 5.  Some dialogs (e.g. compose) do not allow customizing the toolbar
>> like the other dialogs and screens.  I prefer small icons with text
>> at right, as this maximizes the amount of vertical real-estate
>> available especially on my netbook.  Would like that to be available
>> for all toolbars on all dialogs.
>> Help and guidance on how to proceed with each of these items is
>> appreciated, thanks.
>> --
>> Sue Morton

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