Hello Philip,

Thank you for your response :-)

>> 1.  VirusTotal service scan reports of SM installers (1.x stable and
>> 2.x beta).  Six out of 41 scanners report a downloader trojan.  I
>> assume this is from inclusion of a 'downloader helper' but it would
>> be nice to see this in writing someplace official, that there is no
>> cause for concern here.
> We use the UPX compressor to minimize the size of our installers.
> Unfortunately so do a lot of malware. So many if not all AV programs
> just flag all such executables as trojans and then whitelist Firefox.
> Since SeaMonkey is less well known we don't get into their whitelist
> very promptly or at all.

All as I suspected...  With so many people using SM, I thought I might see 
something about this false positive, on the site somewhere.  But I did not 
find it... thanks for reassurance :-)

>> 3.  Cannot set up the 'same' mail account to use different SMTP
>> outgoing servers.  This is working in Outhouse Express by setting up
>> the 'same' account multiple times.  I see I can change the server
>> manually on the SM account before I use it, but since I connect with
>> different servers frequently, this is a bit of a PITA.
> You can set up multiple identities for each account and each identity
> can have a different outgoing SMTP server.

Could you help me with this one?

I have my mail account set up once and it is working fine.

I wish to set it up two more times, in order to specify a different outgoing
SMTP server.

I started the setup dialog for mail account, and when I reach the point to
enter my Incoming User Name, the entry the 'next' button becomes greyed out
when I finish typing it in?  So, strictly for the purposes of getting past
that point, I removed one character of my Incoming User Name (loginid) so I
could finish the setup.  Then I went back to edit my loginid to the correct
name.  When I click OK button I receive this pop-up message box:
   An account with that user name and server name already exists.  Please
enter a different user name and/or server name.

My incoming username and server name are the same, it is only my outgoing
SMTP server name and username that changes on each.

What am I not doing correctly?  Thank you for any help :-)

>> 5.  Some dialogs (e.g. compose) do not allow customizing the toolbar
>> like the other dialogs and screens.  I prefer small icons with text
>> at right, as this maximizes the amount of vertical real-estate
>> available especially on my netbook.  Would like that to be available
>> for all toolbars on all dialogs.
> If you are talking about the mail compose then I am currently working
> on exactly this, so you should be getting customizable toolbars there
> before 2.0 final.

Thank you! :-)   Yes Mail Compose and also Composer are the two I've found
so far.

Sue Morton

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