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> So now when I send a mail with a large attachement, seamonkey takes
> some time sending the mail. But in the end the mail is not sent and I
> get an error message (smtp server error). When I turn off the email
> check in GData Antivirus everything works just fine.
> My friend is a little bit paranoid about computer viruses and wants to
> ckeck outgoing mails. So what can be done to solve this problem? Is it
> a known problem? As I said before, he was using the old mozilla which
> did not have this problem at all.

I'm interested in this problem.

I don't recall what was changed back then since it's been quite a while.
But I know Antivirus scanners can be a pain in the a... though I mostly
know of problems retrieving messages.

I'm afraid SM 1.1.* has still those non-specific messages (it should be
much better in SM 2) but pasting here the exact words might help more
than "smtp server error".

Most helpful would be a SMTP-Log from such a send attempt.
https://wiki.mozilla.org/MailNews:Logging#Windows gives instructions how
to create one. If you want to go that way, please send it to me by mail,
not to the group.

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