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I asked the question in a group that deals with viruses
and so far the consensus is not to scan email. Here's one


Interesting reading. The authors seem to assume a reader with two different identities: one is smart enough to ALways save attachments before opening them and NEVer be fooled into clicking a malware link, and the other is so stupid that he needs a "Close This Window" link at the bottom of the article.

From where I sit, the advice is not helpful because a) I don't use Outlook, so I don't care if my AV program corrupts its mail stores (in 15 years of full-time computing, it's never corrupted any mailbox in Netscape, Mozilla, or SeaMonkey)

The article mention Outlook just as an example ...

My AV program did not corrupt my mails but when it was checking incoming mails .... it appears that for a certain mail ... the download process is stopped ... forever ... evenwhile after rebooting the machine. The only way to get off this problem was to disable mail-checking by my AV.
Now, i live with a good AV ... but avoiding to check mails.
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