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I asked the question in a group that deals with viruses
and so far the consensus is not to scan email. Here's one


Interesting reading. The authors seem to assume a reader with two different identities: one is smart enough to ALways save attachments before opening them and NEVer be fooled into clicking a malware link, and the other is so stupid that he needs a "Close This Window" link at the bottom of the article.

From where I sit, the advice is not helpful because a) I don't use Outlook, so I don't care if my AV program corrupts its mail stores (in 15 years of full-time computing, it's never corrupted any mailbox in Netscape, Mozilla, or SeaMonkey); and b) I'm a human being subject to human error, so I can't promise that I will ALways do exACTly what I should. Better to have a mindless drone program running in background that can't forget and can't slip up and can't be distracted.

Even though I can't get pregnant, I've been pretty religious about using condoms. It protects both sides. Should this be any different?

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