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I'm helping a friend of mine. Until now he was using the old mozilla
suite... (argh!). I just installed Seamonkey 1.1.18 and have some
little problems when I'm sending mails with attachements. Also
installed on this computer is the latest GData Antivirus software
which scans outgoing mails.

So now when I send a mail with a large attachement, seamonkey takes
some time sending the mail. But in the end the mail is not sent and I
get an error message (smtp server error). When I turn off the email
check in GData Antivirus everything works just fine.

My friend is a little bit paranoid about computer viruses and wants to
ckeck outgoing mails. So what can be done to solve this problem? Is it
a known problem? As I said before, he was using the old mozilla which
did not have this problem at all.
You said:
 > the old mozilla which
 > did not have this problem at all.
Perhaps that GData Antivirus was not able to check an outgoing mail whne sent by the "old mozilla" ...

Anyway, stop checking what's outgoing ... just check the inputs ...
If you don't have an infected file reaching your computer, you cannot send one.

Are you so sure?

Is it not possible that his machine could have a Trojan of some sort
which has evaded detection by his virus scanner software, which may
now infect files *after* they've been copied to his machine?

I've seen this happen. This is one of the reasons why some virus
scanners check outgoing e-mail messages.

I realize it's easy to assume that virus checker software is always 100%
accurate and will find everything, but sadly this just isn't the case.
It's always a matter of percentages. The more you do, the better the
chance is that you'll evade the intruder or stop the spread of it.

You're saying that a trojan can slip by undetected and infect
other files which do get detected, by the same anti-virus program?

I've never heard of such a thing, but I'm no expert. I'll ask

I asked the question in a group that deals with viruses
and so far the consensus is not to scan email. Here's one

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