On 10/27/2009 06:50 PM, Bret Busby wrote:

> Due to the reported problems, it seems a bit too problematic to update 
> from 1.1.18 to 2.0, now. Maybe people like me, who need to be consident 
> that our systems are (relatively) stable, need to wait until 2.1 is 
> released.

By then 1.1.18 will probably be in the Fx 2.0 and Tb 2.0 catagories.

> One thing that concerns me, is the use of the .tar.bz2 (files like that 
> used to be .tar.gz - the .bz2 entended extension, seems a bit different) 
> file, rather than a package file (like .deb), for Linux.

Why? In Ubuntu all you do is download, open Nautilus, double-click the
file, extract to your home folder, create a Applications link to the
~/home/seamonkey/seamonkey shell file and run. Or from a terminal:

$ ~/home/seamonkey/
$ ./seamonkey

or follow the install instructions:


> I run Ubuntu Linux 8.04LTS, Debian 5 Linux,

See above.

 and Windows XP with service
> packs (I believe that I have SP3, in addition to SP2, which I do know 
> was installed, but I am not definite about SP3), although the Win XP 
> should probably now be replaced with Win 7, so I think it is probably 
> best, for stability, to wait until if and when Seamonkey 2 (or, even 
> better, from the reporting of the problems, version 2.1, with all the 
> bugs of version 2, fixed) makes it into the package repositories for the 
> Linux distributions.

No idea if there is a question or statement in that.

> Also, it would need to be explicitly stated, that Seamonkey v2.x would 
> definitely be able to be installed in parallel with an existing 
> installation of 1.1.x, and, be able to import settings/profiles/history 
> from v1.1.x, on each of the different operating systems, so that the two 
> could be run in parallel (parallel implementation is alsways safest, in 
> software development), to ensure that we do not lose data, as has been 
> reported as having happened with other people who have upgraded from 
> 1.1.18 to 2, or who have replaced 1.1.18 with 2.

Or that.
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