On Tue, 27 Oct 2009 22:05:39 -0500, Patrick Crumhorn wrote:

> Well, ok - after changing the default install directory to Program
> Files\SeaMonkey2 rather than Program Files\SeaMonkey, I got SM 2.0 to
> launch, but with no import wizard.  I used the command line 
> -migration process, and mail and bookmarks all came over flawlessly,
> BUT...
> My very large password file, while *appearing* to migrate (there is
> an identical .s file and key3.db file in both the 1.1.8 profile and
> in the new SM 2.0 profile), shows up empty in "Profile Manager." This
> alone will keep me using 1.1.18 for a good long while, as it would
> literally take days of spare time to laboriously copy over each URL
> and password manually.  Why does this not work? It seems like it
> should.

Shut down SM2.0. Locate your profile and delete signons.sqlite. Restart
SM2.0. If this doesn't work it probably means that there is a lot of
random cruft the the migration code doesn't understand especially if you
had this profile since mozilla suite 1.x.


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