On Oct 27, 7:39 pm, "David E. Ross" <nob...@nowhere.invalid> wrote:
> In the meantime, I've reverted back to SM 1.1.18.
> I won't use IE except for downloading and installing Windows XP updates
> because I've declined to install various security updates for it.  Thus,
> I don't consider it a full-function, working browser in my configuration.
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> David E. Ross
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> Go to Mozdev at <http://www.mozdev.org/> for quick access to
> extensions for Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and other
> Mozilla-related applications.  You can access Mozdev much
> more quickly than you can Mozilla Add-Ons.

I had 1.1.18 installed and running fine.  I downloaded 2.0 (just a
little while ago), installed it (no problems), then, like David it
asked if I wanted to run.  I said yes and nothing happened.  I also
double-clicked the SM icon in the SM folder: nothing.

I have only one profile and I did not uninstall 1.1.18.  I looked in
the SeaMonkey folder and the seamonkey.exe file had a date from
September.  I would have expected it to have an October date.

I have reloaded 1.1.18 but am disappointed with the 2.0 problem.  I'm
running XP-SP3.

Thanks for any help.
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